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The Queen of Desolation(Based on Paper Crown by Alec Benjamin)

Ups and Downs,
The song makes it last,
It calls, to those with the frailest past
Of wrongs and rights, smiles and bitesThe queens fable show’s, what’s hidden below,
The sagging castle, those without the know
Sad and alone, without your court
The song arrives, you can’t abort

You’re taken on, your saddest journey
Of faulty roads, without a hurry
The hidden war, drives the flurry
When weakness roars, of courage buried

The tallest towers, fall from weakness within
The valiant queens, dethroned by sin
The song calls, you try to hold it in
But your heart stalls, mind in a spin.

(note: This poem was more difficult than at first thought, his music is already poetic and I found this rather hard.)
Video of song it’s based on:

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I'm a high school English teacher in Texas. I also hold degrees in radiography and radio and television broadcasting. Though I obtained certain knowledge and skills from my prior degrees, I do not currently use them.

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