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Grey 1.13 Common

The sounds of their voices pulled me out of my exhausted sleep. By my estimate, I’d run for only an hour yesterday, but my legs felt like jello and a blistering headache pulsed in my skull.  I sat up, this time without any pain, and tried to focus on the […]


That voice on my brow which carries me through Stretches along my anachronistic mind Breaches through the softest cries and changes what was blue   Family and friends, they cannot carry– This weakness found within But experience grins when the veil becomes thin and all the world is merry  

Open to the Air

She sat upon a window sill, feet splayed to the air Untying knots that bounded free, floating here and there She slipped one, crossed another, picking at life’s spots But then she fell, twisted with a yell, and cursed her casted lot

What you make of it.

What do I find myself to be Called upon with expectations, requirements of another world Finding fault that lies not inside but within the eyes of others Staring, thinking, breathing my soul out as if I were a puppet Why do you think I am this machine? Why are you […]

Missed Poetry Today

No new poetry today.   I start university again on monday, which means I’ll likely slow down a bit due to time restrictions and lack of inspiration(studying isn’t helpful). Today I did not post due to a long outing in San Antonio to include the Zoo, a bit of fun […]


That which is divine Humility is a shelter against the storm of egos A bulwark from which superiority has no strength Those who gain it, never know it Those who seek it, find themselves at self-odds It’s recognized by all, but found in few The freest of us hold it […]

American Stoic

Stoic is as stoic does not The straight line with no dividing pathways, eating your feelings and experiences A glutton of unprecise needs and unending appetite But there is another way There’s a way to find a middle It doesn’t break the self, it only breaks the routine Call upon […]

The Door

Beyond the walk there lies a door Past the door are many more It stretches beyond what we can see Until we find eternity   The door has paint for many eyes The colors blend and sometimes blind They make up shapes and symbols for all Creating fate and making […]


Envy, the creature often confused for possessive jealousy It slithers into the heart when least expected, Driving others to madness, wishing they could have or be another It’s the killer of the already loved, the slayer of contentment It’s the champion of what’s yours is mine Its enemy is tranquility, […]

My Song

If and when I danced, I danced to their tune Their pied piper play, took my worries away I found a new appeal, a new way to see, a new way to breathe I moved to their wavelengths, saw my own escapes   It all changed when another came along […]