I…..Feel it

I Feel it pounding, not unlike a heartbeat, this

Strange and knowing feeling, driving me, driving my soul

I…..Feel it

Striking my mind, berating my soul, saying

Why, why are you not he you wish to be

I…..Control it

I am who I choose to be I scream, the past

Screams…..saying, you lie, you are what needs to be

I…..Refute it

I alone create reflection

I alone strike the match


On Any Beach

Laying on the beach, sand over toes and wind through hair,

Thought’s flee and spirit’s rise,

Needs fade, heart soothes, simple lives abound

Memories carry and soar.

The Gnomic Father

Father of mine, with your absent care

Words unexpressed are heard nonetheless

He spake hardly at all, but showed the world

Forming a bedrock of character for all to see but not hear


Expressed simply by sweat of brow, self-improvement is never time wasted

Callused hands working slow, care of a home matters

Unflattering activities put to test, relationships take work

Stony glare to soft pats, parenting requires all

Shadowed eyes at no suns rise, don’t waste your day

Shake hands and keep it straight, respect given freely unless cause not to

Help those when it is no large detriment, community after self

Long drives with teary eyes, family matters most of all


A father’s job isn’t and shouldn’t be easy, it’s a commitment to localized posterity

Spoken word is cheap and fast, only the body shows truth

A man’s soul is non-transferrable, but lessons forge a stronger spirit

Scars and slides will abide, the father’s test of man


An inner eye be not memory say I, say I

But a longitudinal wave stretching forth its monstrous hand

Memories are repetitive say I, say I

You end your life the same as you began


Fate has claim to us all say I, say I

Noone has choice on family born into, nor circumstances at that

Life is predetermined say I, say I

Changes made tend to revert, the soul grows fat


The greater romantic lives within us say All, say All

You can be anything, except what you can’t

Evil is simplified projections say All, say All

Those in the light tend to twist and slant


You are who you choose to be say None, say None

Arrogance slides to confidence as you become a man

Slip the cloak and ride the wave say Few……say Few

You’re remembered best for what you don’t plan

Writing is, as Was

Swish and flick, the quill or stick

The writer knows the way

His words flow up, down and around

His worlds will make you stay


Not everyone has a story, but we’re all full of glory

Putting our words to the page

Instagram pic, guy and his chick

Sharing our world away


The writer tries to please, begging on his knees

Oh won’t you look this way

But the cover is shown, and the cover is blown

When kids can’t read in this day

Sally Sighed

This is a test run at Alliteration.


Sally sighed sadly as she sat stiffly

The terrible truth traversed through the timespace

She shouldn’t sigh so sadly while savoring soft shadow’s shifting sanguinely

Today talked of terrifically terrible truths told through the tenaciousness of timidity

Sally sigh sadly to the truth

The Lifeline

Endless oceans of pulsing beats bash against a wretched form

Break not this body won’t, faintly standing as darkness envelops

Thoughts refuse to coalesce; this shelled man lies trapped and lost

A golden glow flashes in the far, a torchbearer clothed in a shroud

Hi and wait, who arrives upon my broken shore

You’re not one I know, delving up the unfamiliar

Mask slides and images resound, colors sing and shapes bound

Memory serves and falls into place as golden glow shines upon a face

It’s the watcher in the dark, the listener of the soul

Her touch makes him weak, her touch frees it’s hold

Deep chains fall by the side, no more upon this rocky land must he wait

This vacuity can be filled, this man will not break

For she takes his hand upon her breast and with a thoughtless smile, drives away the causeless and makes him worthwhile

She is the necessary and the wanted, his watcher in the dark

Without intent, she enraptures his heart, a mirror to his soul

Without her, his life, is surely damned

For what is life without someone holding your hand

Equal Credit

Now I knew John, who was a man, when being a man was tough

He married well, lived even better, and had his fill from the trough

John was strong, strong as a man, but never where it counted

He cheated well, cheated often, and never chose to flaunt it.


He knew not what, it was he did, to that poor wife who flew

She laughed and cried, screamed aloud, and all but blew the roof

She slapped and slid, hollered and bawled, when she found out the truth

But she knew John, from the start, and plainly thought it through


Now John’s in courts, crying aloud, wishing he’d done better

The judge said no, you know what you do, so sign here with your letter

Johns now broke, nothing to his name, the siren took it all

Now she laughs and sighs, all the time, while enjoying poor John’s fall