Call on me

Call on me with your fury,




With your day

Make no sounds, there’s no hurry

Just let it fade away


You need no introduction

You just need peace of mind

So call on me when you are fine

Call on me with your corruption

The Collector

She’s a collector of simple things

The breakdowns, the sheared hair, the open vein

She collects them all, nothing missed

If owned by lessers and their greaters


She places them in a box

Not a 7-sided thing like Pandora’s

But a box of light, remembering better times, and

opened with a key of understanding, a key of growth


She meanders as she walks, touching here and there

Always looking for her next trophy, her next piece of the puzzle

She doesn’t always find what she needs, but

she does always find a helping hand

When the night swiftly courses, bringing its daily offerings and empty platitudes

She walks her path, leaving resolution and missed cravings in her wake



The Queen of Desolation(Based on Paper Crown by Alec Benjamin)

Ups and Downs,
The song makes it last,
It calls, to those with the frailest past
Of wrongs and rights, smiles and bitesThe queens fable show’s, what’s hidden below,
The sagging castle, those without the know
Sad and alone, without your court
The song arrives, you can’t abort

You’re taken on, your saddest journey
Of faulty roads, without a hurry
The hidden war, drives the flurry
When weakness roars, of courage buried

The tallest towers, fall from weakness within
The valiant queens, dethroned by sin
The song calls, you try to hold it in
But your heart stalls, mind in a spin.

(note: This poem was more difficult than at first thought, his music is already poetic and I found this rather hard.)
Video of song it’s based on:

A shortage of sunshine, a slipped shoe

Aside the road from which I know, I bend my work to the labor

Obliviousness is a passing facade, I apply my profession, replacing the worn and wearied

Working the weakness away from the body


Dancing imagery shines on the metal

Smiles and laughs, squinted eyes and sudden leakage

A forgotten day, not forgotten but missed!

A shortage of time, a lost and wished nostalgic memory


A wrathful scream sounds throughout, the evening demanding its due

Moving faster as villainous time calls, the shoe fades away

I mount quickly, air pressing my lungs, lips dry and mouth a desert

Streaming against the wind, the sleeves of my shirt billow and puff with unimagined hurry


Broken timbers lag behind, slashing the night’s sound with unrepentant woe

The world collapses, focusing on this single moment in this singular place

Faster I scream, haranguing an old friend who’s always carried faithfully

I cannot allow this monster to find me, cannot allow it’s breath on my shoulder


Darkness envelops the path ahead, leaving nothing but a narrow channel without

Driving moments hesitation away, we, the two, dive into the plight, courage gone and fear everlasting as the pendulum completes its swing

As the last of the light fades, tranquility arrives without an invite

That was my plight, there was my fight, in this, my last stand, I’ll stand bright.




Dear Mrs. Jones,


I regret to inform you of the hatred within.

The hatred that pulses and grinds at the thought of you not being mine.

Two souls do not make one, but if I could form a butterfly, our shared wings would indeed be identical.

It’s not a matter of taste or preference, but requirements of time and deference.

There are those who wish upon a star, as they do not know who they are.

I know what burns and yearns, I know of drive and driven.

There is no lack of confidence in my choices, you must be mine,

or the hatred rejoices.



In the places we fear to go

There’s a something, you should know

They lie in wait, placing their bait

Waiting to strike their blow


They don’t really have a name

With their looks, none could blame

They gnarl their teeth, spreading their reek

And make you play their game


The music will hit your soul

Inviting you on a dancing stroll

You’ll hear it come on quick

You’ll be throwing your kicks

Until something’s teeth are shown

and all hope has been blown







I…..Feel it

I Feel it pounding, not unlike a heartbeat, this

Strange and knowing feeling, driving me, driving my soul

I…..Feel it

Striking my mind, berating my soul, saying

Why, why are you not he you wish to be

I…..Control it

I am who I choose to be I scream, the past

Screams…..saying, you lie, you are what needs to be

I…..Refute it

I alone create reflection

I alone strike the match

The Gnomic Father

Father of mine, with your absent care

Words unexpressed are heard nonetheless

He spake hardly at all, but showed the world

Forming a bedrock of character for all to see but not hear


Expressed simply by sweat of brow, self-improvement is never time wasted

Callused hands working slow, care of a home matters

Unflattering activities put to test, relationships take work

Stony glare to soft pats, parenting requires all

Shadowed eyes at no suns rise, don’t waste your day

Shake hands and keep it straight, respect given freely unless cause not to

Help those when it is no large detriment, community after self

Long drives with teary eyes, family matters most of all


A father’s job isn’t and shouldn’t be easy, it’s a commitment to localized posterity

Spoken word is cheap and fast, only the body shows truth

A man’s soul is non-transferrable, but lessons forge a stronger spirit

Scars and slides will abide, the father’s test of man


An inner eye be not memory say I, say I

But a longitudinal wave stretching forth its monstrous hand

Memories are repetitive say I, say I

You end your life the same as you began


Fate has claim to us all say I, say I

Noone has choice on family born into, nor circumstances at that

Life is predetermined say I, say I

Changes made tend to revert, the soul grows fat


The greater romantic lives within us say All, say All

You can be anything, except what you can’t

Evil is simplified projections say All, say All

Those in the light tend to twist and slant


You are who you choose to be say None, say None

Arrogance slides to confidence as you become a man

Slip the cloak and ride the wave say Few……say Few

You’re remembered best for what you don’t plan