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Story Grid (Ongoing Notes)

The Story Grid: What Good Editors Know is a book written by, Editor/Agent/Author and a plenitude of other titles, Shawn Coyne. The purpose of this post is just to highlight 3 things I’ve found in the first 15% of the book. I’m planning on posting more of these for two […]

What is poetry to the artistically challenged? Words and rhymes on a page, set to a metre obliquely defined. Those with empty plates need not the epiphanic call. Those with shuttered eyes feel just as strongly or not at all. But poetry doesn’t qualify with definitions. It drives from wordsworth’s […]

For my Grandmother

Glistening strings danced along the deepest fibers of my being They lapped and lounged, filled my bounds and wound up in my needs   But now the threads, whom I had always dread are cut through right and quick I flit and float, on an anchorless boat wishing life wasn’t […]

For my Stepfather

There comes a time- Between yours and mine When we reach for all the branches   When your limb was missed Throughout fates dreary kiss Nobody grew quite frantic   For you’re a father Without all the bother Who took nothing quite for granted   And now a card, without […]


That voice on my brow which carries me through Stretches along my anachronistic mind Breaches through the softest cries and changes what was blue   Family and friends, they cannot carry– This weakness found within But experience grins when the veil becomes thin and all the world is merry  

Open to the Air

She sat upon a window sill, feet splayed to the air Untying knots that bounded free, floating here and there She slipped one, crossed another, picking at life’s spots But then she fell, twisted with a yell, and cursed her casted lot


The deluded of all traits Devotion would have you believe in perfection Sprinkle it too lightly and you’re abhorrent Too deeply and you’re a fool This is the dividing line in life To what do we apply our allegiance Who deserves our worship Only those with more than a pinch

The Wind

I know why the wind calls with a thousand voices Its arrival is an argument, a clash, a forced opinion Nature knows no allies, time knows no structure But man is all-consuming Those damned voices, stretching across modernity Who are they to tell us we’re wrong Who are they to […]

Wherein I find it

Call from your deep below Let it fall away Strike the truest blow   I never dipped a toe They knew to enter the fray Call from your deep below   The mountainous walk is ever slow It follows with the morning grey Strike the truest blow   Say the […]