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Seeming in the multitudes
These lights, are, quite oddly hued
They snap and click like fireflies
Moving between, the lows and highs

The children move among them now
Without seeing, this I vow
They press in, then move away
Throughout the start and close of day

The hues, they change again!
From blue to a strange blend
I cannot see, for the light so blinds
Recalling such sweet bitter times

I’m moving toward the brillance now
Courage can’t let me bow
I stand within the strange accord
Feeling like a false bright lord

The children, they grow accustomed to me
Moving off in pairs or threes
The lights they grow dimmer as course
No adult should reach this source

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I'm a high school English teacher in Texas. I also hold degrees in radiography and radio and television broadcasting. Though I obtained certain knowledge and skills from my prior degrees, I do not currently use them.

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