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That voice on my brow which carries me through Stretches along my anachronistic mind Breaches through the softest cries and changes what was blue   Family and friends, they cannot carry– This weakness found within But experience grins when the veil becomes thin and all the world is merry  

What you make of it.

What do I find myself to be Called upon with expectations, requirements of another world Finding fault that lies not inside but within the eyes of others Staring, thinking, breathing my soul out as if I were a puppet Why do you think I am this machine? Why are you […]

That First Day

Those shakes, that uncertainty No day is worse than the first What will happen, what can’t be reversed The fear tears at you, drives itself into a wavering spine and goes further Do you know anyone, are you walking through a blind maze What happens when feet meets threshold, what […]

The Collector

She’s a collector of simple things The breakdowns, the sheared hair, the open vein She collects them all, nothing missed If owned by lessers and their greaters   She places them in a box Not a 7-sided thing like Pandora’s But a box of light, remembering better times, and opened […]


Home is not walls, nor roof, floor, nor a set of french doors. Home is a state of mind. It’s a place we go to become ourselves Home can be traveling the autobahn It can be playing video games alongside friends with laughter vibrating in the airwaves It’s finding a […]

Goleta the Goodland

I can’t recall a time, before Goleta the Goodland It lingers in the veins, this destination of decency It’s flavor a recollection of pleasant ideas It’s sky a foggy memory to behold I’ve not come across another town like it It calls to the soul for a return To smell […]

Middle School

Feeling the electric lines and their sparkling chatter recalls a sense of self A reverting of time as memories of large hair, low jeans, and evolving form return Futures shaped by revolving choices, some regretted and others laughed away Friends made, true or not, in haymaker fashion of smiles and […]


What better day, than saturday What dawn arrives to announce itself so joyously What dusk lingers so long There are lesser days who try the same, Sunday with its jealous time Friday with its reminders But saturday holds my heart Though I dread its forthcoming nights