Tabula Rasa

They all wish upon a star, to change just what they are

Go back, do it again! -‘d change my life and just begin

They dream so very far, not knowing about the scars

Burns and cuts earned over time, make up what is yours and mine

To start over is no bliss, but a touch from the devil’s lips

You lose what you’ve found and won’t find again

Tabula rasa is a sad sin


Differing Angles

This body given o’er unto me, be not what I want

It drives and pushes, throws down deep, and calls on its own

Overwhelming urge unto decay, flashing pulses grown

Loves tender barrier valiantly flees, tender bodies taunt


This heart bears no great strength, pumping amorally

It presses and shifts, rises to great heights, and lands at their feet

Unsatisfying need spends thrifty in the days, looking for rhyming beat

4 valves find no common wavelength, love leaves me naturally


Oh this body bears me no strength of mind, nor will at that be

It hides and runs, seeks its redeeming trait, but falls flat on the side

Wasted time for unneeded breaks, make the unwanted man cry

With no will no mind, no fare to be found, I can only try to see




The Divide

She called upon my touching divides, please let them be

We laughed and sighed throughout the night, glory let us be

We stole away and forgot goodbyes, don’t let them see

But life is short and then she cried, hanging onto me

I held on tight and said all’s right, so I lied to she

She left me so and quite alone, broken, and bloody

Now I’m up all night, feeling not quite right, trying divided memories



Crossing to the Other Side

Polished mirrors darken with age

Simple stands and gains the wage

Electric hair and flowing rage

The weary just turn the page


Starving souls feed the world

Withered up and starting to curl

Banners rise and unfurl

The character stands and shines pearled


Money pays in many ways

They can live their own, honest praise

But the wisest among us have to pay

For those who freely raze,

Our ill-guided days

Be Honest and True

The following is a poem written by George Birdseye in the late 1800s. I did not write this obviously and don’t claim so. I feel like it touches a small part of my soul, as I feel few people live by a code that they have clearly defined anymore. There isn’t the kind of emotional strife that you used to have to go through anymore, many things are just taken care of as they hold your hand. Progress or weakness?


Be honest and true, Boys!

Whatever you do, Boys,

Let this be your motto through life.

Both now and forever,

Be this your endeavor,

When wrong with the right is at strife.


The best and the truest,

Alas! are the fewest;

But be one of these if you can.

In duty ne’er fail; you

Will find ’twill avail you,

And bring its reward when a man.


Don’t think life plain sailing;

There’s danger of failing,

Though bright seem the future to be;

But honor and labor,

And truth to your neighbor,

Will bear you safe over life’s sea.


Then up and be doing,

Right only pursuing,

And take your fair part in the strife.

Be honest and true, boys,

Whatever you do, boys,

Let this be your motto through life!


Another One Today

I decided on a rose-colored day

That I would no longer be this way

But life’s mysteries held such sway

I couldn’t decide to run away


I met her on a unique day

Forgot her again with no dismay

Met another during a delay

All I see are shades of grey


The choice landed quick and sly

It sounded like a lullaby

But I only started to cry

Because I chose to try


It was a simple little lie

A lie that gave such a high

Myself I didn’t have to die

I need only try to survive

One by One

She was full of fire,

He could douse the flames

They both abound, all over town,

 Still playing their silly games


They met as people do

She smiled while he said hello you

They danced the night, while holding tight

To one plus one makes two


They met again that week,

Still tap tapping their feet

One look of the eyes and with no surprise

They both said I do


With the ring came harder choices

They’ve only known their own voices

But one plus one doesn’t mean a ton

With no cause to rejoice


So they made a solemn vow

To always live for the now

Against all odds, they both took jobs

And neither disavowed


They live their simple joy

That fire girl and water boy

Working through the day

So each night they can tap tap away

Lock Me Down

This chain, this wonderful chain

You joy’d and I respond in kind

Saying the words to make you mine

Then we wrapped the chain


This life, this wonderful life

You grow and I try to find

To break these bonds and try to bind

Then we lived our life


This world, this wonderful world

We spread ourselves and moved afar

Hoping and wishing upon a star

That this wonderful world would not scar


This dream, this wonderful dream

You passed me by without a thought

What a life we could have sought

But this dream was all for not

Watch Me Grow


I grew tall from a seed

Stretching forth my skinny hands

I tried to spread my leaves

But life had other plans


I did my best to survive

Sucking in air like its free

I found a path up to the light

That others helped me see


I’ve leaped even taller now, stretching to the sky

Making room for others, as time passes too quickly by

My leaves have grown fruitful, and my roots are deeply low

Even others stand beside me, and remark on how I’ve grown


Now the moment arrives, where I must pass on

I’ve lived for hundreds of lifetimes, but really only one

I’ve tasted the sun, drank the rain, and spread my own seed

But life is all too fleeting with nothing to impede