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Without a Verse

If at once, you judge him well and count the curse, without the veil You would know, in times he failed Without a verse, without a sail   Then I had heard, him say at last This is no life, there is no mast I have no point, I have […]

At the table

He sits quietly at the table Thoughts are fading whispers, blending with the surrounding They don’t know he’s unstable Mental fissures abound, separate lives straining for release   Another speaks loudly Contradicting the spoken rabble of unrecognizing fellows They, use ignorance proudly Acting as though the Tower of Bable were […]


Seeming in the multitudes These lights, are, quite oddly hued They snap and click like fireflies Moving between, the lows and highs The children move among them now Without seeing, this I vow They press in, then move away Throughout the start and close of day The hues, they change […]

They Called

They called from the four-sided walls Saying they were free They called to say they had stood tall But couldn’t just let be   They said things would be better now Then it was in the past They said they would write letters now This thing of ours could last […]

Just a Stroll

I sang and cooed a lullaby I sang and sang until it died The song held such a wild cry Evening approached before I sighed   I held him in my arms so long Forgetting things so I am told Feeling my age and no less bold I walked out […]


Deep and down he dove- time became an unknown The swell rose and slashed- his body managed the clash   He considered turning back- none could survive this attack But life doesn’t work in reverse- he continued as conditions grew worse   A manner of monsters grew near- they looked […]