Which Radii

Time’s diameter is no longer straight

Greater generations would create futures-

That would be greater thus

There is no greater for us


Time it was so long ago,

A house and family were the expected of all

You never needed to crawl

You never felt the woe


But the future holds such promise still

Of fiery mountains and losing wills

Of towering oceans and unexpected chills

Of broken promises and skipping the bill

Future generations have so far still to go

It may end just as they grow

Current State

Free isn’t free anymore

Rights are earned, privilege born

the high look down, the strong are poor

free isn’t free anymore


Work two jobs, kids at school,

still no bread in your bowl

Better half sloughs, feel the fool,

deeper we go to the hole


Youth raises up, skills fall through

you still hold on to your tools

kicked and slapped down, feel like a clown

Never let em see you frown

life is a chore, you can’t take much more

When free isn’t free anymore


Even Keel Am I

Without boatsmen working along the deck

Dashing left and right for ropes and lofted work

I glide along the waters with the worldly wind at my back


Storms Come And Go

They cannot displace me from my valorous path

Dancing among the numerous stars, setting a guideline no one knows

Tranquil waters a thing of the past, others remark upon the beauty of my wake


Fore And Aft I Seek No Solace

What is a boat but a vessel of time, the

Hours passing by as old friends come again

Sharing their stories of remembrances past

I keep my sails full, searching for a lighter day

Passing mentions of an easier path on life’s liquid road

Nothing but a thought

Happiness is a thought, a state of being

All stoics bear their own fruit, risking oblivion

What man or woman cannot find a thought, as it

lies upon the breadth of their minds


Nothing is more important than growth

Growth allows for the mentally imperialistic

Colonize yourself, reign in your greater demons

Let your lesser demons free to enjoy


No person lives without sins

Fight the stronger, live connectedly with the latter

Forgive your life’s transgressions, never forget your personal

Find a code to live by, stick to it and enjoy the rise of character

Happiness is no more than a thought

Oblivion welcomes all

Follow The Trail

I, danced along the strings, I

knew so well

Ever careful of a wrongly placed foot

Life dangled precipitously upon these twisted cords, each

Demanding its own form of attention


I, took my steps around

Slipping on the aggressors

Faces with shuttered eyes glancing from their own threads,

asking, pleading

Making their ultimatums, making

their choices for me


I, never grow tired of the movement

Sliding along the golden wires

Placing myself between two lines, simply

Enjoying the option of choice, no

Single person should decide for another

I, Dance for myself,

I, Choose my own journey






Deep and down he dove-

time became an unknown

The swell rose and slashed-

his body managed the clash


He considered turning back-

none could survive this attack

But life doesn’t work in reverse-

he continued as conditions grew worse


A manner of monsters grew near-

they looked at this poor creature with a sneer

The man never looked around-

he’d experienced life’s ups and its downs

Deep and down he dove-

Unto a place, no one else has known