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Lock Me Down

This chain, this wonderful chain You joy’d and I respond in kind Saying the words to make you mine Then we wrapped the chain   This life, this wonderful life You grow and I try to find To break these bonds and try to bind Then we lived our life […]


Has anyone ever found it odd to celebrate a giving of thanks, and immediately follow it up with the most commercially driven day of the year. “Thank you for all that I have and receive”….”Give me that TV you bitch, it’s mine!”.

Watch Me Grow

  I grew tall from a seed Stretching forth my skinny hands I tried to spread my leaves But life had other plans   I did my best to survive Sucking in air like its free I found a path up to the light That others helped me see   […]

The Flip of a Coin

  Which do you show today, heads or tails calls you away Heads for pride, hold your confidence and strength Tails for cries, fake your confidence and lie The child feigns, but only needs to learn The teenager tries, but can only yearn The man flies, it’s finally his turn […]

Equal Credit

Now I knew John, who was a man, when being a man was tough He married well, lived even better, and had his fill from the trough John was strong, strong as a man, but never where it counted He cheated well, cheated often, and never chose to flaunt it. […]

Been Gone Awhile

Hello to whoever reads this blog,   I’ve been missing for some time due to family and school as well as a bit of writer burnout. I’ve spent my year studying poetry, the short story, as well as the proper use of grammar and punctuation. I hope the effort show’s […]