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The needs of all and shown in few Spirituality, the light that bridges everyone It needs no religion though many find that not true It’s a connection, between the energy of one to the energy of all The breaking down of a feeling, a touch of the soul on the […]

A Poem for Cris and Mike

Like a feather falling in a storm, love has its own currents These currents have no mind, no choices, no set path We know not when we will be swept into the tempest Taken on an unexpected journey to a destination brighter than the last But when that feather settles […]

My Companion

Is there any greater companion than a dog A true partner in crime, ears up and tongue hanging in the wind A better caretaker and babysitter I have yet to know They pass through finite lives knowing an unimpeachable joy we can only wonder and share Enjoying something as simple […]

Samuel Coleridge

Hello reader and glorious followers,   New youtube video here: As always feel free to comment here or on the youtube page. I’ve also created a compilation of british poetry for those who’d prefer a 30 minute session. Thank you and have fun

Joseph Addison

Hello reader and glorious followers,   I’ve completed a selected reading of the famous essayist Joseph Addison. His lesser known poetry I felt was a great starting point, and as he begins with A, tomorrow I”ll be working on Elizabeth Browning’s outstanding achievements in poetry. Enjoy and please feel free […]

Started a Spoken Poetry channel

Hello reader and my ever so gracious followers,   I’ve started a youtube channel for those who’d rather listen to poetry, need sleep, or even for those who are visually impaired/blind. I completed my first personal set of poems today and plan on posting classic poems throughout the next week […]

Nothing but a thought

Happiness is a thought, a state of being All stoics bear their own fruit, risking oblivion What man or woman cannot find a thought, as it lies upon the breadth of their minds   Nothing is more important than growth Growth allows for the mentally imperialistic Colonize yourself, reign in […]