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Wiki for Worldbuilding Part 1

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Part 2: Link

Part 3: Link

The first step in deciding on a wiki for worldbuilding, is to pick the website you’re going to work with.

I’m not a coder, don’t claim to be and likely will never be (not my wheelhouse), but I can understand basic hyperlinks, a hypertext system, and what the value of a wiki brings to the table.

As a user of Evernote, Campfire, and recently Scrivener, holding many files in one centralized location for worldbuilding just makes a lot of sense. So why use a wiki instead of, say, google docs? The wiki is interconnected more. Now I can put hyperlinks all throughout my google doc, but it doesn’t quite feel the same, and I’d also prefer not to have 50 google docs opening at the same time (my ram screams a thank you). Evernote uses a tab-like system, while Campfire and Scrivener use a folder system. None of them allow for hypertextually recording (realistically), but if you do decide to not use a wiki, I’d suggest Scrivener (which is what I now use for my main writing overall).

I looked through several websites (about 10) that offer to host or help you build a wiki page from the start. As a teacher I thought I may be able to find an educator-free one with extra features, but no dice. I ended up going with slimwiki, which looks like the below image:

So far so good. I’ll continue posting here as I make progress each day.

Tomorrow, I’ll be making my first page and what steps are involved.

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