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Divine inspiration as the old term is called. I had one just last weekend and it wassss amazing. It tends to be, in my short-termed experience, that I write in bursts and spurts as I figure out what to put on the page and throw the character into that situation. I began writing The Boy and the Stick located here, about four years ago.

My first draft was, for accuracy’s sake, awful.

I didn’t know how to start; I didn’t know how to identify where my story would go, and I wasn’t sure if this was the life I wanted to live (being that of the starving artist).

Three years later, I had three years of experience earning my English degree and teaching English to others (English Teaching student). So I gave it another chance.

If you haven’t reviewed your own writing, or especially your own writing from a time where you had virtually no knowledge in how-to-write, it’s a huge eye opener. My work was 14 pages of straight garbage that a paper shredder would spit out for its failures. My pov changed constantly, my timeline was broken, I had plot holes everywhere, and to top it off, I had wooden characters with alternating accents? I don’t even remember putting accents in there.

So I re-wrote it from scratch, which is found in the link above. If you recall from my Architect Vs. Streamer article located here, there’s two (hybrid as well) primary methods for writing a story. The Boy and the Stick was the architect version, all plot and drive. I still work on it from time to time, but I get stuck more often than not as I can’t place myself within the story fully. This past weekend was different.

I was staring at the screen, thinking over how to better write my new story Creation(working title likely to be changed), when I slapped on a new set of soundproof headphones. The absence of noise bothered me (tinitus), so I put on a playlist I’d built over the years, did a quick mental relaxer from meditation I’m likely to write an article on, and started writing.

I did not look at the time, I did not pay attention to the writing even; and I certainly didn’t look at word count. By the time I had stopped, it was three hours and seven pages later. I was blown away by the speed that the story developed in. This was my first time really putting myself into the “streamer” mindset, and the results were incredible.

So now I have an issue. I’m not Stephen King, and I don’t believe a writer can write in the fantasy genre without building a magic system and culture. Here lies the epiphany.

I’m writing a book, about a guy building and modifying a pocket world, so why not build the world and magic with him, as he’s doing it himself. I can review the writing later and fix plot holes (plotket holes durr), and any shark jumping moments that filtered through the streamer lens. This should give me a huge boost to the speed of my writing, will likely make it more fun as he and I make mistakes together, and I should get a more natural feel to my dialogue as I’ve placed myself into my characters shoes more intrinsically.

I’m excited. I know this won’t work for many of my books, unless I tweak how those books work (which I may), but nonetheless it’s brought an euphoric rush to my head anytime I think about my writing this weekend (when I have time).

I don’t have the normal crescendo ending to my writing here as per the norm, as instead of thinking of how to write this article, I’m thinking of how I get to do my own writing this weekend. It’s like having a girlfriend, but staring around the corner at another woman. You know you need to focus on what your girlfriend is saying, but the leggy blonde won’t leave your mind. Terrible analogy, though apt.

That’s all from abnormal land. I may write up another piece today if I find the time. Thanks for reading!

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I'm a high school English teacher in Texas. I also hold degrees in radiography and radio and television broadcasting. Though I obtained certain knowledge and skills from my prior degrees, I do not currently use them.

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