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In the Fantasy and Science Fiction genre’s there are specific archetypes that most characters fit within; the prodigy/savior (protagonist), the wizard/wise one/teacher, the damaged one/handicapped, villain(antagonist) and so on.

Have you ever met someone that you’ve felt like you knew their entire personality upon meeting them? It’s not reincarnation in a shortened timeframe, I firmly believe you can come to understand that there are specific archetypes of people that simply have different modifiers.

Here’s a few I’ve found:

The Complicated: Anyone who claims to be complicated tends to in fact be very simple, most times they just live in a complicated scenario. The man who stays with his mother to take care of her and puts his life on hold, the woman who has 3 children and no secondary parental figure to help her. These people tend to be very giving but are scared of outside influences as they feel a sense of martyrdom. Sacrifice for the good that may not be greater. If they’re real about their situation, they’ll rarely mention how hard things are; if not, they’ll play the victim often.

The Natural: Oftentimes, the beautiful are very boring people once you get to know them. When people are growing up, they find deficiencies in themselves and fill them by developing a mechanism that will allow others to like them more. The unattractive tend to have a strong humorous side, the ugly(difference from unattractive) tend to find something they connect with and pursue it relentlessly in the form of art or a specific technology/skill they connect with(programming, computers, sports.) The Natural’s don’t have that deficiency as people want to be around them simply for their beauty and thus they coast on having a void-like personality, sucking in the personalities of those around them without a need for their own.

The Weirdo: I find myself in this category thus this will be a bit of a self-reflection. I found I really liked invading people’s personal bubbles often(touching without a need to) and to this day I’m unsure of why. It placed me on the (CLICHE WARNING) outside looking in, watching the social circles I most wanted to be included into. This personality type tends to persistently look inside and gain an introspective view of the world. It’s not so much that a hurricane happened in X place as to how that’s going to affect my day. Why feel sad about a war in Somalia when I know no one there and it’d be extremely rare that I should ever. This personality tends to find a small group of friends that are just as weird as them and while they may never quite find happiness in a world that doesn’t understand them, they may find peace.

Feel free to comment with any you think you’ve found. I do know that with most people I meet nowadays, I’ve met a not quite carbon, but hydrogen copy of them in the past.

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I'm a high school English teacher in Texas. I also hold degrees in radiography and radio and television broadcasting. Though I obtained certain knowledge and skills from my prior degrees, I do not currently use them.

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