Follow The Trail

I, danced along the strings, I

knew so well

Ever careful of a wrongly placed foot

Life dangled precipitously upon these twisted cords, each

Demanding its own form of attention


I, took my steps around

Slipping on the aggressors

Faces with shuttered eyes glancing from their own threads,

asking, pleading

Making their ultimatums, making

their choices for me


I, never grow tired of the movement

Sliding along the golden wires

Placing myself between two lines, simply

Enjoying the option of choice, no

Single person should decide for another

I, Dance for myself,

I, Choose my own journey





One by One

She was full of fire,

He could douse the flames

They both abound, all over town,

 Still playing their silly games


They met as people do

She smiled while he said hello you

They danced the night, while holding tight

To one plus one makes two


They met again that week,

Still tap tapping their feet

One look of the eyes and with no surprise

They both said I do


With the ring came harder choices

They’ve only known their own voices

But one plus one doesn’t mean a ton

With no cause to rejoice


So they made a solemn vow

To always live for the now

Against all odds, they both took jobs

And neither disavowed


They live their simple joy

That fire girl and water boy

Working through the day

So each night they can tap tap away