Even Keel Am I

Without boatsmen working along the deck

Dashing left and right for ropes and lofted work

I glide along the waters with the worldly wind at my back


Storms Come And Go

They cannot displace me from my valorous path

Dancing among the numerous stars, setting a guideline no one knows

Tranquil waters a thing of the past, others remark upon the beauty of my wake


Fore And Aft I Seek No Solace

What is a boat but a vessel of time, the

Hours passing by as old friends come again

Sharing their stories of remembrances past

I keep my sails full, searching for a lighter day

Passing mentions of an easier path on life’s liquid road

Nothing but a thought

Happiness is a thought, a state of being

All stoics bear their own fruit, risking oblivion

What man or woman cannot find a thought, as it

lies upon the breadth of their minds


Nothing is more important than growth

Growth allows for the mentally imperialistic

Colonize yourself, reign in your greater demons

Let your lesser demons free to enjoy


No person lives without sins

Fight the stronger, live connectedly with the latter

Forgive your life’s transgressions, never forget your personal

Find a code to live by, stick to it and enjoy the rise of character

Happiness is no more than a thought

Oblivion welcomes all