The Door

Beyond the walk there lies a door

Past the door are many more

It stretches beyond what we can see

Until we find eternity


The door has paint for many eyes

The colors blend and sometimes blind

They make up shapes and symbols for all

Creating fate and making thralls


There are those who focus on the door,

and others on where lies the floor

It matters not how you turn the handle,

nor whether you were quite the vandal

But what you do when that circles turned,

who you were and what you learned.



Even Keel Am I

Without boatsmen working along the deck

Dashing left and right for ropes and lofted work

I glide along the waters with the worldly wind at my back


Storms Come And Go

They cannot displace me from my valorous path

Dancing among the numerous stars, setting a guideline no one knows

Tranquil waters a thing of the past, others remark upon the beauty of my wake


Fore And Aft I Seek No Solace

What is a boat but a vessel of time, the

Hours passing by as old friends come again

Sharing their stories of remembrances past

I keep my sails full, searching for a lighter day

Passing mentions of an easier path on life’s liquid road