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Nothing but a thought

Happiness is a thought, a state of being All stoics bear their own fruit, risking oblivion What man or woman cannot find a thought, as it lies upon the breadth of their minds   Nothing is more important than growth Growth allows for the mentally imperialistic Colonize yourself, reign in […]

Follow The Trail

I, danced along the strings, I knew so well Ever careful of a wrongly placed foot Life dangled precipitously upon these twisted cords, each Demanding its own form of attention   I, took my steps around Slipping on the aggressors Faces with shuttered eyes glancing from their own threads, asking, […]

The Gnomic Father

Father of mine, with your absent care Words unexpressed are heard nonetheless He spake hardly at all, but showed the world Forming a bedrock of character for all to see but not hear   Expressed simply by sweat of brow, self-improvement is never time wasted Callused hands working slow, care […]