Sorrow is that faded thing

That missing piece

With the sun’s rising, Sorrow is the dusk

It reminds of pleasant memories, but none that shall pass again

It’s a trickster, recalling all that you once had, but taking it away again

Sorrow calls on deeper canyons, it drives you to it’s depth

Forcing you to watch  yourself fall with no hand to lift again

Sorrow is a requirement of life, as you cannot enjoy the pleasant without a chance of misery

It’s an old friend to those who have truly lived

And an odd enemy to those who never try


He holds her hand, to keep himself up

He guides the band, it’s never enough

For what he needs, drowns in the land

He’s silent, lost in the strand


But he knows, it all falls apart

It sometimes glows, shines from the start

The twist of the ring, the splash of the heart

The fall of the king, the slimy broken part


He rises to meet it again, fights off the demons that are called to him

He meets the morning with a serrated smile, pours his coffee, swallows his bile

It arrives with perfect regularity, that distant feeling, that unfiltered clarity

It’s all a lie, so he says right now, she wasn’t pristine, he just couldn’t allow

The day dives, drips with remembered places, he walked on, rounded his bases

It’ll fade, so he tells himself, like the cut of a blade, this newly met vow

Be Digital

In a world, both near and far

A life unfurled, you show your stars

There is no hiding, you are what you are

When life is digital, it’s also subpar


The brightness shining, of a single lamp

Or the glittering screen, of an iPad

There’s plenty of devices for the digitally mad

It calls to you, makes you feel glad


Your back aches constantly from never standing up

Your arch your fingers, reaching for a cup

Drinking your energy and eating your grub

You’ve gone full digital, real life is the rub


Your friends are always over, in your invisible plane

You talk on the phone, or in video games

You know all to know, of the same vein

But they won’t be there when you’re in pain


Family calls, about twice a day

They’re worried, or that’s what they say

You shouldn’t do this, don’t lose life’s ways

But not a thing helps, there’s nothing to sway

Because when you’re digital, you aren’t the same

You’ve lost your life’s path, you’ve fallen away


We stand near a window, always looking down

Watching all the minnows, their schools flitting around

We laugh, we cry, living this of all our lies

Capering on point, where, life seems meaningless

Without understanding, reflections shine darkly-

Upon, those who would view others from up high




Without a Verse

If at once, you judge him well

and count the curse, without the veil

You would know, in times he failed

Without a verse, without a sail


Then I had heard, him say at last

This is no life, there is no mast

I have no point, I have no caste

For what is life, without a past


But here too he was wrong as all

Life is not a slow-rolling ball

It’s fast and free without a wall

And doesn’t care if you have crawled

So why not stand and face it first

Without a verse, fighting your curse

Samuel Coleridge

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The Queen of Desolation(Based on Paper Crown by Alec Benjamin)

Ups and Downs,
The song makes it last,
It calls, to those with the frailest past
Of wrongs and rights, smiles and bitesThe queens fable show’s, what’s hidden below,
The sagging castle, those without the know
Sad and alone, without your court
The song arrives, you can’t abort

You’re taken on, your saddest journey
Of faulty roads, without a hurry
The hidden war, drives the flurry
When weakness roars, of courage buried

The tallest towers, fall from weakness within
The valiant queens, dethroned by sin
The song calls, you try to hold it in
But your heart stalls, mind in a spin.

(note: This poem was more difficult than at first thought, his music is already poetic and I found this rather hard.)
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A shortage of sunshine, a slipped shoe

Aside the road from which I know, I bend my work to the labor

Obliviousness is a passing facade, I apply my profession, replacing the worn and wearied

Working the weakness away from the body


Dancing imagery shines on the metal

Smiles and laughs, squinted eyes and sudden leakage

A forgotten day, not forgotten but missed!

A shortage of time, a lost and wished nostalgic memory


A wrathful scream sounds throughout, the evening demanding its due

Moving faster as villainous time calls, the shoe fades away

I mount quickly, air pressing my lungs, lips dry and mouth a desert

Streaming against the wind, the sleeves of my shirt billow and puff with unimagined hurry


Broken timbers lag behind, slashing the night’s sound with unrepentant woe

The world collapses, focusing on this single moment in this singular place

Faster I scream, haranguing an old friend who’s always carried faithfully

I cannot allow this monster to find me, cannot allow it’s breath on my shoulder


Darkness envelops the path ahead, leaving nothing but a narrow channel without

Driving moments hesitation away, we, the two, dive into the plight, courage gone and fear everlasting as the pendulum completes its swing

As the last of the light fades, tranquility arrives without an invite

That was my plight, there was my fight, in this, my last stand, I’ll stand bright.