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My Companion

Is there any greater companion than a dog A true partner in crime, ears up and tongue hanging in the wind A better caretaker and babysitter I have yet to know They pass through finite lives knowing an unimpeachable joy we can only wonder and share Enjoying something as simple […]


Sorrow is that faded thing That missing piece With the sun’s rising, Sorrow is the dusk It reminds of pleasant memories, but none that shall pass again It’s a trickster, recalling all that you once had, but taking it away again Sorrow calls on deeper canyons, it drives you to […]


He holds her hand, to keep himself up He guides the band, it’s never enough For what he needs, drowns in the land He’s silent, lost in the strand   But he knows, it all falls apart It sometimes glows, shines from the start The twist of the ring, the […]

Be Digital

In a world, both near and far A life unfurled, you show your stars There is no hiding, you are what you are When life is digital, it’s also subpar   The brightness shining, of a single lamp Or the glittering screen, of an iPad There’s plenty of devices for […]


We stand near a window, always looking down Watching all the minnows, their schools flitting around We laugh, we cry, living this of all our lies Capering on point, where, life seems meaningless Without understanding, reflections shine darkly- Upon, those who would view others from up high      

Without a Verse

If at once, you judge him well and count the curse, without the veil You would know, in times he failed Without a verse, without a sail   Then I had heard, him say at last This is no life, there is no mast I have no point, I have […]

Samuel Coleridge

Hello reader and glorious followers,   New youtube video here: As always feel free to comment here or on the youtube page. I’ve also created a compilation of british poetry for those who’d prefer a 30 minute session. Thank you and have fun

A shortage of sunshine, a slipped shoe Aside the road from which I know, I bend my work to the labor Obliviousness is a passing facade, I apply my profession, replacing the worn and wearied Working the weakness away from the body   Dancing imagery shines on the metal Smiles […]