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The Divide

She called upon my touching divides, please let them be We laughed and sighed throughout the night, glory let us be We stole away and forgot goodbyes, don’t let them see But life is short and then she cried, hanging onto me I held on tight and said all’s right, […]

An inner eye be not memory say I, say I But a longitudinal wave stretching forth its monstrous hand Memories are repetitive say I, say I You end your life the same as you began   Fate has claim to us all say I, say I Noone has choice on […]

Writing is, as Was

Swish and flick, the quill or stick The writer knows the way His words flow up, down and around His worlds will make you stay   Not everyone has a story, but we’re all full of glory Putting our words to the page Instagram pic, guy and his chick Sharing […]

Crossing to the Other Side

Polished mirrors darken with age Simple stands and gains the wage Electric hair and flowing rage The weary just turn the page   Starving souls feed the world Withered up and starting to curl Banners rise and unfurl The character stands and shines pearled   Money pays in many ways […]

Be Honest and True

The following is a poem written by George Birdseye in the late 1800s. I did not write this obviously and don’t claim so. I feel like it touches a small part of my soul, as I feel few people live by a code that they have clearly defined anymore. There […]

Sally Sighed

This is a test run at Alliteration.   Sally sighed sadly as she sat stiffly The terrible truth traversed through the timespace She shouldn’t sigh so sadly while savoring soft shadow’s shifting sanguinely Today talked of terrifically terrible truths told through the tenaciousness of timidity Sally sigh sadly to the […]

Another One Today

I decided on a rose-colored day That I would no longer be this way But life’s mysteries held such sway I couldn’t decide to run away   I met her on a unique day Forgot her again with no dismay Met another during a delay All I see are shades […]

They Call Him Joe

They called him Joe He always sat alone But when a friend was needed Joe’s compassion came unheeded   Joe always walked quite quickly Moving from place to place But one day Joe looked quite sickly Losing all his grace   Now the school steps in The call rises high […]

Sorrow’s Prey

Chances are I’ll die today, don’t know if we can keep them away The town call rises in the sky, the northern front is do or die If I fight upon that field, I know I can never yield But if I choose to stand afar, the burning will forever […]

One by One

She was full of fire, He could douse the flames They both abound, all over town,  Still playing their silly games   They met as people do She smiled while he said hello you They danced the night, while holding tight To one plus one makes two   They met […]