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A Poem for Cris and Mike

Like a feather falling in a storm, love has its own currents These currents have no mind, no choices, no set path We know not when we will be swept into the tempest Taken on an unexpected journey to a destination brighter than the last But when that feather settles […]


If and when we start again I hope I’ll be kinder I hope I’ll be a better friend Though I may need reminders   I wonder what will happen When we recall the past Will it darken and blacken Or will it really last   Simple truths abound beyond, Demanding […]

The Door

Beyond the walk there lies a door Past the door are many more It stretches beyond what we can see Until we find eternity   The door has paint for many eyes The colors blend and sometimes blind They make up shapes and symbols for all Creating fate and making […]

My Song

If and when I danced, I danced to their tune Their pied piper play, took my worries away I found a new appeal, a new way to see, a new way to breathe I moved to their wavelengths, saw my own escapes   It all changed when another came along […]


We stand near a window, always looking down Watching all the minnows, their schools flitting around We laugh, we cry, living this of all our lies Capering on point, where, life seems meaningless Without understanding, reflections shine darkly- Upon, those who would view others from up high      

Without a Verse

If at once, you judge him well and count the curse, without the veil You would know, in times he failed Without a verse, without a sail   Then I had heard, him say at last This is no life, there is no mast I have no point, I have […]

At the table

He sits quietly at the table Thoughts are fading whispers, blending with the surrounding They don’t know he’s unstable Mental fissures abound, separate lives straining for release   Another speaks loudly Contradicting the spoken rabble of unrecognizing fellows They, use ignorance proudly Acting as though the Tower of Bable were […]


Galloping along the fevered road Chronos calls us still Instincts say it shouldn’t slow Others feel terrors thrill The night arrives, heat unbowed Sun hasn’t had its fill When icy burns announce their turns We all pay the bill