Gnomic Father Pt. 2

Time to clean up now,

go grab the broom

A tidy house this allows,

you’ll understand real soon


Nice and even strokes,

no reason to hurry

The idea this evokes,

of feeling clean and not dirty


Slide the dustpan along,

grabbing the weekslong remains

No reason to live wrong,

breathing our own pains

Now the easy part, throwing it all away

Slide our parts to the trash, preparing for new days




American Stoic

Stoic is as stoic does not

The straight line with no dividing pathways,

eating your feelings and experiences

A glutton of unprecise needs and unending appetite

But there is another way

There’s a way to find a middle

It doesn’t break the self,

it only breaks the routine

Call upon your average angels

Live within the grey screens

Logic can exist without emotion,

emotion can exist without logic

But life is most harsh without thought,

and who wants to live in a world of broken smiles

The oldest saying is plan for the worst, hope for the best

Yet a stoic doesn’t hope, merely plans

Fill your head with your heart, find a stranger path



Bravery isn’t earned, nor taught
It cannot be forced upon, the strongest of the lot
It comes in waves of crises, demanding of its fellows
The bravest of us sometimes fall, filling up the deepest gallows
For “courage isn’t the absence of fear”, a wise man is quoted as saying
It calls upon the best of us, those who can’t stand waiting
It strikes some when least expected, but always when needed most
It fills us up with brighter reflections, one’s who no longer boast
So if you feel when braveries near, you need have no reason to fear
It’s only your soul approaching it’s best, while, also forgetting the toll.


Gnomic Father Pt. 1

Teach a boy to shave,

teach a son

Begin by washing away,

the day’s last run


Go along with the cream,

you’ll want to shine

Spread and miss no seams,

everything will be fine


Take the sharp blade to your cheek,

miss not a single hair

Shave until your face feels sleek,

cuts are easy to repair

Stand in the mirror, look for any misses

Everything becomes much clearer, we’ll see how it glistens.



Envy, the creature often confused for possessive jealousy

It slithers into the heart when least expected,

Driving others to madness, wishing they could have or be another

It’s the killer of the already loved, the slayer of contentment

It’s the champion of what’s yours is mine

Its enemy is tranquility, its oldest friend is hatred

There is no cure for Envy without growth, no settlement without upheaval

There is envy within all who decide they are not what they want to be, but none can be found within the poor who gives

My Companion

Is there any greater companion than a dog

A true partner in crime, ears up and tongue hanging in the wind

A better caretaker and babysitter I have yet to know

They pass through finite lives knowing an unimpeachable joy we can only wonder and share

Enjoying something as simple as walking with a friend down a dirt path, they find life at its core and attack it with love

A dog will never truly leave your side, though getting lost now and again seems to be their privilege

I was grown and raised alongside different dogs, each as unique as there are religions in the world, and I have no doubt of their affection for me.

I cannot find another creature in the world to equal their loyalty, they are not necessarily man’s best friend, but his truest soul, always parted too early.



Sorrow is that faded thing

That missing piece

With the sun’s rising, Sorrow is the dusk

It reminds of pleasant memories, but none that shall pass again

It’s a trickster, recalling all that you once had, but taking it away again

Sorrow calls on deeper canyons, it drives you to it’s depth

Forcing you to watch  yourself fall with no hand to lift again

Sorrow is a requirement of life, as you cannot enjoy the pleasant without a chance of misery

It’s an old friend to those who have truly lived

And an odd enemy to those who never try


He holds her hand, to keep himself up

He guides the band, it’s never enough

For what he needs, drowns in the land

He’s silent, lost in the strand


But he knows, it all falls apart

It sometimes glows, shines from the start

The twist of the ring, the splash of the heart

The fall of the king, the slimy broken part


He rises to meet it again, fights off the demons that are called to him

He meets the morning with a serrated smile, pours his coffee, swallows his bile

It arrives with perfect regularity, that distant feeling, that unfiltered clarity

It’s all a lie, so he says right now, she wasn’t pristine, he just couldn’t allow

The day dives, drips with remembered places, he walked on, rounded his bases

It’ll fade, so he tells himself, like the cut of a blade, this newly met vow

Be Digital

In a world, both near and far

A life unfurled, you show your stars

There is no hiding, you are what you are

When life is digital, it’s also subpar


The brightness shining, of a single lamp

Or the glittering screen, of an iPad

There’s plenty of devices for the digitally mad

It calls to you, makes you feel glad


Your back aches constantly from never standing up

Your arch your fingers, reaching for a cup

Drinking your energy and eating your grub

You’ve gone full digital, real life is the rub


Your friends are always over, in your invisible plane

You talk on the phone, or in video games

You know all to know, of the same vein

But they won’t be there when you’re in pain


Family calls, about twice a day

They’re worried, or that’s what they say

You shouldn’t do this, don’t lose life’s ways

But not a thing helps, there’s nothing to sway

Because when you’re digital, you aren’t the same

You’ve lost your life’s path, you’ve fallen away

The Queen of Desolation(Based on Paper Crown by Alec Benjamin)

Ups and Downs,
The song makes it last,
It calls, to those with the frailest past
Of wrongs and rights, smiles and bitesThe queens fable show’s, what’s hidden below,
The sagging castle, those without the know
Sad and alone, without your court
The song arrives, you can’t abort

You’re taken on, your saddest journey
Of faulty roads, without a hurry
The hidden war, drives the flurry
When weakness roars, of courage buried

The tallest towers, fall from weakness within
The valiant queens, dethroned by sin
The song calls, you try to hold it in
But your heart stalls, mind in a spin.

(note: This poem was more difficult than at first thought, his music is already poetic and I found this rather hard.)
Video of song it’s based on: