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Fantasy Review: The Ten Realms by Michael Chatfield (ongoing)

Title: The Ten Realms (First Six Books)

Author: Michael Chatfield

Location of book: (Paperback and Kindle Unlimited)

Review Score: 17/10/15/10/15=67

Difference between a litRPG and progressive fantasy:

Creativity: 17 (-5 for basic cultivation, -5 for tropic systems, +2 for professions)

Plot: 10 (-15 for repetition and meandering plot with no system in place)

Dialogue: 15 (-10 for fart jokes and more repetition)

Reflective Value: 10 (-15 for not going deeper)

Holistic (emotional bonus points): 15 (-10 for frustration with the story, 800 characters I don’t care about, and bittersweet feelings)

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