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Royal Road and Fiverr for Writers

So I stumbled upon a few websites in the last week or so.

Both of these can help potential writers and thus I’m placing it within the category of writing tips and discovery.

Fiverr: Fiverr is a website wherein you look through an artists body of work and decide, based upon their going rates of basic/standard/premium and chosen costs, if you’d like to employ them for a period of time. I found a pastel artist I’m interested in for the cover of one book, and a watercolor artist I’m interested in for another. I started a conversation with both just to get an idea of what they would do with my given idea, and neither thus far have disappointed.

Tip: Make sure to check their different work categories for price changes and to see what the package comes with.


Royal Road: Royal Road is a website that houses a writers written work, and there’s no limit to the type of writing you can place within your own “fiction” (note, the writers are mostly within the fantasy genre for now). One of the largest writers for progressive fantasies (and his work Mother of Learning) are currently on this website, and you can link your patreon or paypal for donations and subscribers. It may be a way for new breakout writers to breach the surface.

Tip: I’m not entirely sure of the value in such a website, as not everyone is going to go looking for new writers, or fiction, everyday. I’m also not sure if people want to place their efforts into writing in a public space. May update this later after I decide.


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