That ancient enemy

The shiner of the tarnished, that anachronistic foe

It arrives with pleasantries, but never leaves the same

It tells you all the wonderful things that happened in your past,

But when it departs, it leaves a bitterness unequaled in the world

If squalor had a feeling, nostalgia would be its definition

There are few defenses to this heartless foe excepting apathy

Give up your emotions, let your heart die

Or you’ll find the monster pressing on your present

My Companion

Is there any greater companion than a dog

A true partner in crime, ears up and tongue hanging in the wind

A better caretaker and babysitter I have yet to know

They pass through finite lives knowing an unimpeachable joy we can only wonder and share

Enjoying something as simple as walking with a friend down a dirt path, they find life at its core and attack it with love

A dog will never truly leave your side, though getting lost now and again seems to be their privilege

I was grown and raised alongside different dogs, each as unique as there are religions in the world, and I have no doubt of their affection for me.

I cannot find another creature in the world to equal their loyalty, they are not necessarily man’s best friend, but his truest soul, always parted too early.


Call me Leo part 2

He reached the top of the stairs quickly with his trunk-sized legs and opened the rusty door with a yawn. Mid-morning slanted rays slap his yawn away as reptilian eyes adjust.

“Hello Leo” Sissy says in a strained voice. “Felt like I’d forgotten you, hard as that is.”

“Felt like I’d forgotten you as well Sissy” Leo responds. “You still at it with that?”

“Every morning I inch it up there and when I wake up it’s fallen again, I just don’t get where I’m going wrong,” she said close to tears. “This damn TV dish, maybe the super has cursed me for all those pranks I played on him.”

“Could be Sis, or could be you did something that deserved punishment in a previous life.”

Sissy laughed her trillish laugh and beckoned at Leo “Care to lend a hand this time?”

Leo shook his head, “That’s your burden to bear Sissy, I need to head to work.”

Sissy nodded sadly and moved back to her daily quagmire, loose muscles straining with the weight.

Leo undulated to the doorway and entered the rusty portal. He moved down the steps but heard a great booming laugh near the 3rd floor. Leo slowed as he knew he’d have to speak with him one way or another.

“Hello Leo” an incredibly deep voice said, “Hope you’re enjoying it here.”

Leo turned toward the voice and spotted the super, smiling his abbrasive yellow smile filtered through a mane of shock white hair. “How are you, sir?” Leo asked


Call me Leo part 1

leopngMemory deserts him.

He wake’s up in the morning, crawl’s around and tries to find his savior. Cries a little, but nothing wrong with that. Bottle hits his lips and the pain liquidates. He wonders “what happened last night?”

Another stab at rememberance, another failure.  His memory feels like a warped sundial and his body thousand’s of years old. “Time to start the day,” he croaks to no one in particular. His tree shaped six-foot-tall body groans its way to standing, nothing feels the way it should be.  He leaves for the bathroom but branches into the kitchen instead, vomit disposal sloshes as he empties whatever poor choices he made the previous evening. Feeling more like himself he looks in the mirror. The reflection show’s a foreign invader he doesn’t recognize until his three-colored eyes bore into each other. “There you are” he says in a stronger voice.

Something metallic scrapes against the roof of his apartment, “sissy’s at it again” he thinks. Finding the closest clean pants and shirt he can, he transforms into normality. Putting on his supposed-favorite Detroit hat he opens the door and heads to the roof.