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I…..Feel it I Feel it pounding, not unlike a heartbeat, this Strange and knowing feeling, driving me, driving my soul I…..Feel it Striking my mind, berating my soul, saying Why, why are you not he you wish to be I…..Control it I am who I choose to be I scream, […]

The Gnomic Father

Father of mine, with your absent care Words unexpressed are heard nonetheless He spake hardly at all, but showed the world Forming a bedrock of character for all to see but not hear   Expressed simply by sweat of brow, self-improvement is never time wasted Callused hands working slow, care […]

Tabula Rasa

They all wish upon a star, to change just what they are Go back, do it again! -‘d change my life and just begin They dream so very far, not knowing about the scars Burns and cuts earned over time, make up what is yours and mine To start over […]

Differing Angles

This body given o’er unto me, be not what I want It drives and pushes, throws down deep, and calls on its own Overwhelming urge unto decay, flashing pulses grown Loves tender barrier valiantly flees, tender bodies taunt   This heart bears no great strength, pumping amorally It presses and […]

The Divide

She called upon my touching divides, please let them be We laughed and sighed throughout the night, glory let us be We stole away and forgot goodbyes, don’t let them see But life is short and then she cried, hanging onto me I held on tight and said all’s right, […]