Let America be America again

When leadership becomes readership, we may have lost

When a diving rhetoric swallows the impoverished, we may have lost

When crossed lines fade and forget, we may in fact be lost


Let America be true again

Let it’s lost sons and daughters enter with a welcome

Let its fathers and mothers find their true value

Let its honesty break in waves against the buttresses of hatred


Let America shine again

Shine a light through its muckrakers on our baronies

Shine a halo on the poor and starved, saving our most needy

Shine through a shadow disgracing our great country, covering all with its malevolence


Allow America to find itself

Allow it to find it’s empathy, find it’s heart

Allow it to recall it’s roots, to hear it’s sweet music once again

Allow it time, time before it breaks, shatters into so many smaller kingdoms