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I speak for the naked, the shivering, the clothed in steel They know not what they feel They only react, unsurprised at these foundations, these choices they’re forced to make within strange nations   The required strikes, placing us in unknown situations There is no preparation for this, no safe […]

What you make of it.

What do I find myself to be Called upon with expectations, requirements of another world Finding fault that lies not inside but within the eyes of others Staring, thinking, breathing my soul out as if I were a puppet Why do you think I am this machine? Why are you […]

Be Honest and True

The following is a poem written by George Birdseye in the late 1800s. I did not write this obviously and don’t claim so. I feel like it touches a small part of my soul, as I feel few people live by a code that they have clearly defined anymore. There […]