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The Herald (High Fantasy, Short Story)

Synopsis: The Splinters are a broken territory, divided among various noble and ignoble characters. On any given day blood may spill, victory may be claimed, or travesties may occur. No citizen ever truly knows the joys and struggle of monotony. On this particular day, a Herald arrives, and what he brings will shake all of the lands.

For those who don’t know, I’m studying to be a teacher at UTSA(The University of Texas at San Antonio), specializing in English. The following is a breakdown of what’s to be expected of my first year as a teacher.   Phases of First-Year Teaching   That’s quite insane but not […]


In the palm there lies a two-headed coin On one side lies arrogance, with its strut and pride On the other lies confidence, with its strength and fallibility When do the two become one? When should you rely on one and not the other? There are times when arrogance is […]


The needs of all and shown in few Spirituality, the light that bridges everyone It needs no religion though many find that not true It’s a connection, between the energy of one to the energy of all The breaking down of a feeling, a touch of the soul on the […]

Goleta the Goodland

I can’t recall a time, before Goleta the Goodland It lingers in the veins, this destination of decency It’s flavor a recollection of pleasant ideas It’s sky a foggy memory to behold I’ve not come across another town like it It calls to the soul for a return To smell […]


That ancient enemy The shiner of the tarnished, that anachronistic foe It arrives with pleasantries, but never leaves the same It tells you all the wonderful things that happened in your past, But when it departs, it leaves a bitterness unequaled in the world If squalor had a feeling, nostalgia […]

A Video Reflection

Age is not always a bright reflection of our experiences At times, it can be signs of ignorance, those still trapped in their original worlds, scared to expand, afraid to explore But there are those from which empathy is their sole creation They express their lives by improving the lives […]


Envy, the creature often confused for possessive jealousy It slithers into the heart when least expected, Driving others to madness, wishing they could have or be another It’s the killer of the already loved, the slayer of contentment It’s the champion of what’s yours is mine Its enemy is tranquility, […]

My Companion

Is there any greater companion than a dog A true partner in crime, ears up and tongue hanging in the wind A better caretaker and babysitter I have yet to know They pass through finite lives knowing an unimpeachable joy we can only wonder and share Enjoying something as simple […]

Sorrow’s Prey

Chances are I’ll die today, don’t know if we can keep them away The town call rises in the sky, the northern front is do or die If I fight upon that field, I know I can never yield But if I choose to stand afar, the burning will forever […]