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Let America be America again When leadership becomes readership, we may have lost When a diving rhetoric swallows the impoverished, we may have lost When crossed lines fade and forget, we may in fact be lost   Let America be true again Let it’s lost sons and daughters enter with […]


In the palm there lies a two-headed coin On one side lies arrogance, with its strut and pride On the other lies confidence, with its strength and fallibility When do the two become one? When should you rely on one and not the other? There are times when arrogance is […]

Oh Zeus, you mighty god of passion Why have you cursed so many with your lascivious nature When Eros cast his arrows, did he miss your heart, hit your belly and fracture Can you not feel for those you clubbed with your actions G reatest of sons, patricidal bastard, did […]

The Gnomic Father Pt. 3

Come child, come near and listen well I’ll speak of the times we read, and why they matter Reading takes you to another plane and place, allowing illusions to shatter It will carry you through the harshest moments, when all feels like hell   You open the page and begin […]


The needs of all and shown in few Spirituality, the light that bridges everyone It needs no religion though many find that not true It’s a connection, between the energy of one to the energy of all The breaking down of a feeling, a touch of the soul on the […]


Home is not walls, nor roof, floor, nor a set of french doors. Home is a state of mind. It’s a place we go to become ourselves Home can be traveling the autobahn It can be playing video games alongside friends with laughter vibrating in the airwaves It’s finding a […]


The most honorable of traits are you The hardest to see fulfilled “Doing the right thing, even when no one is watching” It’s the monkey on the back, the devil angel on one’s shoulder What is right, that’s culturally subjective, right to one is wrong to another I know of […]

Goleta the Goodland

I can’t recall a time, before Goleta the Goodland It lingers in the veins, this destination of decency It’s flavor a recollection of pleasant ideas It’s sky a foggy memory to behold I’ve not come across another town like it It calls to the soul for a return To smell […]

Middle School

Feeling the electric lines and their sparkling chatter recalls a sense of self A reverting of time as memories of large hair, low jeans, and evolving form return Futures shaped by revolving choices, some regretted and others laughed away Friends made, true or not, in haymaker fashion of smiles and […]