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Wherein I find it

Call from your deep below Let it fall away Strike the truest blow   I never dipped a toe They knew to enter the fray Call from your deep below   The mountainous walk is ever slow It follows with the morning grey Strike the truest blow   Say the […]

Call on me

Call on me with your fury, Call on me With your day Make no sounds, there’s no hurry Just let it fade away   You need no introduction You just need peace of mind So call on me when you are fine Call on me with your corruption

Would I had been

Would I had been, the man I wanted to be Then I could say, simply, call me a friend But life is filled with sin, life disallows the happy   It should have filled the soul, this drive to find and see The way of others, the ease in which […]

A Question

I have a question, though from my breath it falls It dances across the tongue, seeking simple thoughts My voice it holds, then it blows, creating little squalls   The thought fills and flows, ’til mind no longer recalls It lasts long within the lung, words beginning to clot Air […]

The Gnomic Father Pt. 4

Go and grab your toys, you know the ones, you don’t play with them anymore Get your robots, your legos, and all It’s time to show you where they fall   Place them in a box, arrange them as you will Take your smiles and laughs and place them in […]


Hope is a feckless bully When you think you’ve lost it all, he appears He drives you in the morning, keeps your eyes open when you should sleep He forces you to carry him, always trying to share that burden with others He’s a monster of unimaginable force, a dictator […]

That First Day

Those shakes, that uncertainty No day is worse than the first What will happen, what can’t be reversed The fear tears at you, drives itself into a wavering spine and goes further Do you know anyone, are you walking through a blind maze What happens when feet meets threshold, what […]

Mr. Williams

What to say when life’s away, when we knew our betters Oh he was a fine man, just, quite unlike the rest of us That pinnacle of strength, that hater of unneeded fuss He died just like any other man, while only we knew the taste of bitter   Died? […]