Received an email from my not so many viewers haha. They asked where I’m coming up with my poetry rhythm. Here’s my goodreads link . Leaving a period space makes it easier to copy/paste. I’ve been reading some poetry, some epic poetry like homer and beowulf, trying to gain a better grip on how poetry works. My poetry rhythm is just whatever feels right at the moment. Sometimes I go for aesthetics like the flip of a coin, or I go for syllabic matching or even meter. I’m working on one right now that focuses on alliteration. Just reading poetry helps you write poetry, just like reading fiction helps you write fiction. The point is to write. Whatever it may come out as.


I’ll be gone for a few days,

I’m currently reading Stephen King’s In Writing, should have that done in a day or two. I’m playing some video games in my off time, primarily Black Ops 4 and Civ VI when I get the itch. I hope anyone who reads this has a wonderful holiday and enjoys their time with the family.

Been Gone Awhile

Hello to whoever reads this blog,


I’ve been missing for some time due to family and school as well as a bit of writer burnout. I’ve spent my year studying poetry, the short story, as well as the proper use of grammar and punctuation. I hope the effort show’s in my work. As such and due to my time missing, I’ve composed a set of poetry I’ll release over time. Please feel free to comment and editorialize.


5 Minutes for a Day

By J.D. Mullenary I


Flick and switch, Happy abodes

Caverns coursing in liquid gold

Stern and mad, the looks dial in

They judge and can’t share my sin

My choice, their choice, don’t stay around

The Pariah’s life keeps ticking down

It soothes, it kills, lungs filling up

All this joy from a couple bucks

Crave sings and joy abounds

Pleasure battles the liquid sounds

Ecstasy sets me free

Oh doc, what do you say to me

Patch it, chew it, nothing works

Few people survive this curse

Money cries and fades away

Addiction scratches another day

Brandly genetic they all say

The clouds create a nice bouquet

The sun drives my worries away

My shame and guilt are here to stay


In the Fantasy and Science Fiction genre’s there are specific archetypes that most characters fit within; the prodigy/savior (protagonist), the wizard/wise one/teacher, the damaged one/handicapped, villain(antagonist) and so on.

Have you ever met someone that you’ve felt like you knew their entire personality upon meeting them? It’s not reincarnation in a shortened timeframe, I firmly believe you can come to understand that there are specific archetypes of people that simply have different modifiers.

Here’s a few I’ve found:

The Complicated: Anyone who claims to be complicated tends to in fact be very simple, most times they just live in a complicated scenario. The man who stays with his mother to take care of her and puts his life on hold, the woman who has 3 children and no secondary parental figure to help her. These people tend to be very giving but are scared of outside influences as they feel a sense of martyrdom. Sacrifice for the good that may not be greater. If they’re real about their situation, they’ll rarely mention how hard things are; if not, they’ll play the victim often.

The Natural: Oftentimes, the beautiful are very boring people once you get to know them. When people are growing up, they find deficiencies in themselves and fill them by developing a mechanism that will allow others to like them more. The unattractive tend to have a strong humorous side, the ugly(difference from unattractive) tend to find something they connect with and pursue it relentlessly in the form of art or a specific technology/skill they connect with(programming, computers, sports.) The Natural’s don’t have that deficiency as people want to be around them simply for their beauty and thus they coast on having a void-like personality, sucking in the personalities of those around them without a need for their own.

The Weirdo: I find myself in this category thus this will be a bit of a self-reflection. I found I really liked invading people’s personal bubbles often(touching without a need to) and to this day I’m unsure of why. It placed me on the (CLICHE WARNING) outside looking in, watching the social circles I most wanted to be included into. This personality type tends to persistently look inside and gain an introspective view of the world. It’s not so much that a hurricane happened in X place as to how that’s going to affect my day. Why feel sad about a war in Somalia when I know no one there and it’d be extremely rare that I should ever. This personality tends to find a small group of friends that are just as weird as them and while they may never quite find happiness in a world that doesn’t understand them, they may find peace.

Feel free to comment with any you think you’ve found. I do know that with most people I meet nowadays, I’ve met a not quite carbon, but hydrogen copy of them in the past.