Be Honest and True

The following is a poem written by George Birdseye in the late 1800s. I did not write this obviously and don’t claim so. I feel like it touches a small part of my soul, as I feel few people live by a code that they have clearly defined anymore. There isn’t the kind of emotional strife that you used to have to go through anymore, many things are just taken care of as they hold your hand. Progress or weakness?


Be honest and true, Boys!

Whatever you do, Boys,

Let this be your motto through life.

Both now and forever,

Be this your endeavor,

When wrong with the right is at strife.


The best and the truest,

Alas! are the fewest;

But be one of these if you can.

In duty ne’er fail; you

Will find ’twill avail you,

And bring its reward when a man.


Don’t think life plain sailing;

There’s danger of failing,

Though bright seem the future to be;

But honor and labor,

And truth to your neighbor,

Will bear you safe over life’s sea.


Then up and be doing,

Right only pursuing,

And take your fair part in the strife.

Be honest and true, boys,

Whatever you do, boys,

Let this be your motto through life!




I should not have promised more writing this last weekend. I’m currently entering finals and will likely be gone for about a week. I’ll get back to any messages I receive once finals are complete mid next week.

Sally Sighed

This is a test run at Alliteration.


Sally sighed sadly as she sat stiffly

The terrible truth traversed through the timespace

She shouldn’t sigh so sadly while savoring soft shadow’s shifting sanguinely

Today talked of terrifically terrible truths told through the tenaciousness of timidity

Sally sigh sadly to the truth

Another One Today

I decided on a rose-colored day

That I would no longer be this way

But life’s mysteries held such sway

I couldn’t decide to run away


I met her on a unique day

Forgot her again with no dismay

Met another during a delay

All I see are shades of grey


The choice landed quick and sly

It sounded like a lullaby

But I only started to cry

Because I chose to try


It was a simple little lie

A lie that gave such a high

Myself I didn’t have to die

I need only try to survive

They Call Him Joe

They called him Joe

He always sat alone

But when a friend was needed

Joe’s compassion came unheeded


Joe always walked quite quickly

Moving from place to place

But one day Joe looked quite sickly

Losing all his grace


Now the school steps in

The call rises high

They notify every parent

While Joe starts to die


He’s only eight years old

The news screams aloud

Why won’t you help poor Joe

The movement starts now


But what they all fail to see

Is poor Joe’s malady

His sickness can’t abate

For it simply stems from hate


Now poor Joe is dead and gone

But the news still hasn’t won

They need to spread his legend

While not knowing about his heaven


For Joe helped those in need

When the one in most need was he

For his father couldn’t stop

From giving him a pop


But sensationalism doesn’t care

About how Joe parted his hair

Or the way he could see

When someone was in need


It’s about what you post on your feed

Thumbs up is down to me

For people like poor Joe

Who just wanted to grow


Why Answer Personal Questions

I decided to reply on Quora. Once a week or so I hop on to respond to questions I may have a good answer for. This is my favorite personal response so far:

What inspires you to answer a question especially ones about personal life?

Experience. If I go through some rough situation, I can explain to others through a roadmap of my own life, how not to do that as well.

One day a man falls into a hole, he looks around and can’t seem to escape. One day a rich man walks by, so the man trapped in the hole yells,

“hey mister, can you help me out of this hole”

The man throws some cash into the hole and moves on.

The next passerby is a priest, so the man in the hole yells yet again,

“Hey Father, can you help me out of this hole”

The priest says a prayer and moves on.

Finally one of his friends walks by and says,

“Man, what are you doing down there?”

The man in the hole replies,

“I fell down, can you help me out of this hole”.

His friends jumps into the hole beside him,

“What are you doing? Now we’re both in the hole”,

His friend says, “But I’ve been down here before, and I know how to get out”.

Life experience can have value, if you’re willing to share it.

Friday’s and Upcoming Schedule

Tomorrow is friday and the normal day I make multiple posts with new material. While my writing tends to take a focus on friday and sunday due to free time from school, my winter break is fast approaching as is my poetic reading list. I’ll be reading the following: 

The Making of a Poem: A Norton Anthology of Poetic Forms by Mark Strand

Poetic Meter and Poetic Form by Paul Fussell

The Crafty Poet: A Portable Workshop by Diane Lockward

Each is considered a major publication on or around writing poetry and I’ll be reading in the order presented above so I can gain a grasp progressively. As I finish each book, I’m likely to take a stab at experimentation in Poetry and i’ll be sure to post it here for views/review. I’m currently finishing a poem in gnomic verse, and finished another as an intense example of alliteration. Fun stuff! Hope anyone who reads this has a great day and forthcoming weekend. 

Current Reading

I’m currently reading a few books. My goodreads link is here:

I have a bad tendency to read in bursts. I’m in school so arguably it makes sense that I read when I have time as I’m forced to read non-standardly. That’s a hell of a morphological process. Non-standardly. Not sure it’s a word but I press on. I have three books about writing fiction I’m in the process of reading, Stephen Kings In Writing, Deborah Chester’s The Fantasy Fiction’s Formula, and Christopher Vogler’s The Writer’s Journey. I plan on adding a how-to on poetry in there soon, as I feel I still don’t have a strong grip on rhythm and meter. If anyone has any suggestions I’ll always listen.

Website Updated

I’ve updated the website to include a listing by category of the different types of writing I post here. Abnormal Thoughts will fill in for updates, random thoughts, philosophy, and life comments. Modern Poetry will work for anything that’s not uniquely seen as Experimental Poetry takes that tab. I’ll update the website as time goes on and I find a theme I actually like. To those who take the time to read this, have a wonderful remainder of your year.