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1.14 Battle and an unfortunate choice

“Sooo is the forest that bad?” I asked Alard as he turned back to face me. 

“It’s new horrors everytime” he said with a sigh that I could feel in my chest. “Once we had a taster, the monster absorbing over twenty of us alone, and only a month ago there was a series of low giants.” He grabbed his staff as he walked toward the door still speaking, his daughter followed quickly behind with a stretcher holding different medical supplies on wheels. “I believe the worst were the bloodletters. It wasn’t that they were good fighters, but that I had great difficulty healing anyone as they used their victim’s blood in their magic. Haven’t seen them in quite a bit of time, although they did hit the town often in a short period.”

As he opened the door, and I realized I needed to stop standing there and get moving, a sound began to drift toward us.

Chances are I’ll die today, don’t know if we can keep them away

The town call rises in the sky, the southern front is do or die

If I fight upon that field, I know I can never yield

But if I choose to stand afar, I’ll forevermore feel the scar

Chances are I’ll die today, better death than sorrow’s prey

To call any of the singers talented would be a dire mistake, but they were at least singing the same words and with a similar rhythm. The blonde girl looked at me and answered before I could ask my inevitable question. 

“That’s the chant of Grifftholm, our village.” She said, looking placid as can be while her home is being attacked. “It will give you strength and courage when you find you most need it.” 

I sang a bit of the next line and my MTS popped. 

Affected by the Grifftholm chant

All negative morale effects are reduced

The chanter will feel refreshed and more alert

Duration: 5 minutes

“That’s incredible” I said, and I meant it. A village sings a poem and they suddenly gain a greater chance of survival. What could heavy metal do for militaries? Would raging against the machine buff me against creatures of metal? I’d have to say a few lines every few minutes to keep the buff going. Already I could tell my body felt like it had more energy and I seemed to be moving a bit faster at just a walk, like my steps were going farther than normal or I had an extra bounce in my step. My MTS popped on its own.

Notice: you’ve discovered the Bard Class

What the shit? I pulled up the detailed description as we continued walking southbound. 

Through introspection you’ve gained the first inkling of a new potential primary class. A singer does it for the money, a bard does it for the glory. The bard has multiple buffing and debuffing skills, and comes with an assortment of different personality-typed abilities. The following are what you inherently gain with this primary class choice. 

All artistic and magical skills in secondary classes increase at 1.8x the normal rate.

Unlocks the singer and songwriter secondary classes. 

Gain the ability Performer.

-Performer: A passive ability that forces others to pay attention to the bard anytime they play a musical instrument. 

Gain the ability Song of Calm.

-Song of Calm: An activatable ability, this allows the bard to create a soothing melody that relaxes the listener. 

Gain a basic understanding of tone and pitch. 

Musical and Magical Gods may notice you. 

This was my first chance to really look over what the different classes bring, so I followed the healer and his daughter without paying too much attention to what they were saying. So these were the choices eh? Did Alard see anything like this with his choices? If not, how did they gain an understanding of their classes….err choices. I started to realize just how powerful the MTS was. I not only had a breakdown of what I gain with each primary class, but also could really spend my time selecting the right combination of secondary classes, not to mention professions. 

So with this as a primary class, you get an increased experience gain…I think. An unlock for secondary classes, two abilities, something to help you do the job, and a better chance of associated Gods to notice you. Would they not notice you otherwise? If I were the greatest bard in the world, I’d have to assume any musical gods would hear my songs as they spread. Maybe it had to do with synergy between your class and what aspect those gods take on. It’d be pretty weird if the god of death was supporting a village healer. He probably looks like a…skeleton……..nah. The Watcher is The Watcher…

The MTS sprang up a new screen. 

Would you like to set Bard as your primary class? Please state yes or no. 

I already knew this wasn’t the class for me. I could enjoy a good song, but even with any buffs or help I might gain from the class I just didn’t feel like it fit me. I stated “no” in a quiet voice so those around me wouldn’t hear. 

Further thought was banished as we neared the edge of the southernmost tip of the village. I realized in looking over my Modified Truesight and the excitement of what could potentially be my first class, that I’d neglected to grab a weapon. I felt my breath speed up a bit as I quickly said the chant to keep my buff rolling and looked around at places I would’ve seen had I not been carried on a stretcher. The village was made primarily of wood but you could see the odd grey-colored stone buildings here and there. Each building was padded with extra reinforcement toward the southern wall. I could see three-foot thick walls that started with stone at the bottom and ended with wood at the top. Men in matching uniforms, presumably guards, came running out of different places. The guards all had flushed faces and determined eyes as they moved toward the front. Each carried a long covered sword on their left hip and what looked like a thick wooden baton on their right. Some guards carried bows while others shields, in what I assumed were different guard units. I could hear a general rumble from the villagers as they continued their chant, the guards picking it up as they grew closer to the frontlines. There was a distinctive difference between the villagers’ chant and the guards. While the villagers did so with a respectful manner, the guards seemed to scream it rather than sing, and did so with a much higher fervency. There was a general feeling that terrible things were about to occur, and nobody looked sure of themselves. 

Some nodded their heads at Alard and his daughter as they moved forward, but nobody gave me more than a once over. My general lack of weaponry caused a few to snort at my inexperience, and my torn clothing covered with light red stains made others pause in their chants. I mentally shrugged and continued forward. We don’t always get to choose who we are, and right now I was a lost kid about to enter my first real battle. My entire plan was just to stay in the back and help where I could. 

Notice: You’ve discovered the Coward Class

“Hey fuck you” I whispered, not bothering to look closer before I just plainly stated no. 

I saw a guard with a scruffy red beard working with a few others in the back. Each had a bow in hand and were putting quivers filled with bristled arrows down by their feet. I noticed a dark blue arrow stitched into the side of his arm and asked what it meant.

“Ah, tis but meh rank younger. Means I be a sergeant here in charge of the bowman group. It ain’t much of a rank, but it keeps meh gurl eppy and that’s enuff fer me. Sides, I getz a day off once a week. Do wut I want” He gave me a wink as the other guards gave him a surly look that’d fit perfectly on a group of incels seeing their first chad. I pretended not to notice and strained my eyes on him for a moment. 


Level 22

Sergeant Guardsman

Huh. I had a theory so I strained it on another guard. 


Level 12


Did the rank modify his class or the other way? Was he aware that his choice seemed to change? More questions for later as I saw Aliand waving me over. I did a quickstep to her as she patted her father on the back for attention. 

“So wanderer” she said with an eyebrow raise, “Why did you find the need to join us out here? As far as I know, you have no loyalty to Grifftholm.” She looked at Alard who nodded once. 

“That’s a good question” I said. Damn it that was a good question. What did I say? Because I had nothing else to do? Because I wanted to help those who’ve helped me? I simply said, “I guess I’m here because you might need me. I’m not sure what I’m going to do, but I’m here to help either way.” I meant that. Grifftholm, and what little I knew of it, had helped me when I needed it. If I can find anyway to help, I’d do so.  

“Alright then” she said, “I suppose you can help me in dragging the wounded back from the frontlines. You’ll need to be quick on your feet or you may find yourself in an unpleasant situation.”

What’s more unpleasant than being at the edge of whatever was going to happen?

“Understood” I said, getting a quick nod from her and an explanation of what’s going to happen next. It seemed that every few weeks there was a large rush of creatures from the forest, and as the prior invasions had created a trail, they funneled directly at Grifftholm as quickly as they could. The only reason the village was notified of this at all were the few powerful hunters that braved the forest from time to time for rare kills and the occasional herbs that sold for quite the amount. Aliand explained all of this while preparing a small table near the back of the frontlines with different bandages, splints, and other means of helping those with a sudden drop in blood. 

“So why does this happen?” I asked. “I mean, why even build a village here on the edge of a forest you know to be dangerous?”.

“Simple, that’s why Grifftholm exists” she stated matter-of-factly. As if placing your town near a group of hungry monsters was normal. “The creatures that come out help feed the village, the merchants get to sell the rare pelts, and guards and fighters get to work on their skills. This is a border village. Every border village is placed near a rare resource. That’s why the hunters go in on their own. If they kill those monsters during a normal invasion then they have to give up everything to the village. It’s part of the charter every resident and long-term guest has to sign.”     

I thought ahead of my next question, “Why do they have to follow the town charter though? Where I’m from we go by the honor code”. 

She laughed, her abnormally deep voice still sounding oddly feminine. With alarm I realized that baritone was becoming endearing to me. “Honor code?” she let out another giggle. “No no no. The charter is blessed by I’aothe, the Goddess of Law herself. Anyone who violates it would find themselves watched everywhere they go and likely wouldn’t even be let into the larger cities to the north. Honor code. What an old and useless idea. How are you to know if those you work with won’t stab you in the back at the first chance they get? How are you to know they’re not a villain or monster in disguise? The only reason you haven’t been asked, or forced, to sign the charter already is this invasion. Why do you think the guards keep looking at you? They can tell you haven’t signed yet.”

I did a quick and totally subtle look around and did indeed find some of the guards glancing at me before looking away. Well shit. I didn’t know how I felt about a magical document making sure I lived “up” to their standards. For all I knew if I weren’t a cannibal and they were, I’d be breaking the town charter. Where’s a magical lawyer when you need one. 

Notice: You’ve discovered the magical lawyer class. 

Fuck me. No. 

I helped her fold the bandages and a few guards came by, glaring at me, to pick up some extras and place them in pockets on their coats. While I was helping out I tried to listen in on the conversation around me just to make sure I stop exposing my ignorance. 

Two guards were talking about a new girl at the local bar, “I’m telling you she might be a succubus. The way she’s walking around waiting those tables, swishing her hips. She wants it.” 

“You just want her to want it ya hungry bastard” replied another holding a shield. “E’s just trying to meke a living and has to deal with stupid bastages like you staring at her. Way I hear it…”

Guess ignorant people were alike no matter where you went. I moved to the other side of the table where a few men covered in fur were performing a series of stretches. 

“I…..don’t… Not………but…..invasion”

Rosetta Stone: Activated

18% “grudder” language processed. 

One of them took out a short sword and a grey stone, whisking it along the edge that made me cringe with the sound of scraping metal. He was a big dark-haired and bearded man, maybe six and a half feet tall and over two-hundred pounds with little of it looking doughy. He eyed his sword along the line of the blade as he said, “He’s……..there. He…..understand……saying.”

Rosetta Stone: Activated

25% “grudder” language processed. 

I got the gist of what he was saying as they turned away from me and began speaking in a quieter tone of voice. I looked around and it seemed like many of the villagers, guards, and random independent groups had moved toward the frontline. I could see a few shiny plated fellows with perfect hair walking toward the front as well. Some had bows, others massive swords and shields. They were surrounded by what I’d call fanboys on Earth, each laughing as they listened in raptiously on whatever their leader was saying. The sycophants were rather varied, with many I’d associate in my head as a “tank” or “wizard” or “rogue”. Those they followed each seemed like a shining star in comparison to any around them, like the sun was meant to provide their best possible lighting. 

A small meeting had been assembled while Aliand and I were prepping the table and handing out bandages. A small man in gleaming chainmail walked toward us with Alard in tow as the  impromptu circle broke up. He had an important air about him, unlike Alard’s humble visage, and when they stood next to each other the contrast was rather stark. Alards robe, while it looked splendid to my heavily bleeding self of the past, now showed its true colors next to the shining much shorter man. There were obvious signs of patchwork, as the robes were stitched back together time and again with slightly different colors. While the healer’s head was still the pinnacle of shine, and his beard still the glory of bushiness, he didn’t compare next to the man who only reached up to his chest at best. I pushed my MTS immediately. 


Level: **

Class: Commandant of the Guards


“Greetings wanderer” the Commandant said as soon as he approached. I really wish people would just ask me my name. “I’m the Commandant of the guards of Grifftholm and I understand you’ve recently arrived. While I know you haven’t had a chance to sign the charter, for now, we’re going to assume you’ll live by the three main rules. Do you happen to know what those are?”. 

“Uhh, no sir”. 

He gave a brusque nod before continuing, “One, we do not attack fellow humans. That doesn’t count for half-breeds.” 

WTF? He didn’t even pause for me to ask about that racist shit.

“Two, all valuables taken from invasions are given to the town automatically. Don’t worry, we spread the food out to all so you’ll not starve. Although the cooks here are good enough that if you donate to the pot you’ll come out with a great result!” He smiled at Alard who gave a short smile and nod in response. “The final rule, well the last big one at least, is you always obey the commands of guards. Their commands are not only for the good of the village, but the good of yourself and those around you as well. You must obey their commands. Do you understand wanderer?” 

I said the first thing that came to mind, stupid as it was, “I prefer to be called Fern”. 

The Commandant looked at me for a second, before looking at Alard who shrugged his shoulders as if to say I dunno man it’s weird to me to. 

“Ok then F-Fern. You’ll be helping the Mender and his daughter during the invasion, but also please keep an eye out for anyone who asks for needed supplies. You with me?” He finished, already bouncing back on his feet and ready to send out his commands. 

“Yes sir”

“Excellent” He stated, before doing a crisp turn around and a light jog to the front. 

Alard walked up to me and put a hand on my shoulder. “Don’t worry,  you’ll be fine. Just stay in the back.”

“That’s the plan sir”

Notice: You’ve discovered the Coward Class

Fuckin. “No” I whispered.

We stood around for another few minutes while I continued to hear small talk around me. I didn’t pick up any new rosetta stone notifications as the fur-covered men speaking Grudder were too far away, and I didn’t know who the nobles were, although I had my suspicions on those men earlier with their fanclub. The biggest issue I saw looking at the field of people ready to do battle was the lack of women. If anyone thought a woman couldn’t be a warrior, they hadn’t met my mother. She was a terrifying force of nature when angry, and I doubt my girlfriend Misty would’ve shrank back from what was about to happen either. 

Ex-girlfriend I guessed now, though It’d only been a day for me. I can’t imagine she’d make it over here. With her looks, smarts, and personality, I wouldn’t doubt she’d have an assortment of different suitors. There’s no way I’d hold it against her. I mean, I literally was smashed by a car. I was paste on the road. I made roadkill look noble. It was such a short time ago that I knew I couldn’t possibly be over her, but it was still something that settled into the back of my mind.   

Finally, after what felt like forever but I’m sure was only a few minutes, three men in hunter outfits came toward the frontline from the forest. I nonchalantly moved through the crowd to better see what was going to happen. The three men stopped just out of bow range at a shouted call from one of the guards, which they responded to, and then they were allowed behind the lines. They all wore dark-hooded forest green clothing that clung to their bodies tightly and had large bows in holders across their back. In old video games and badly drawn book covers, the archer always has the bow slung across their back but that never made sense to me. You’re just going to ruin the bowstring and then you’re screwed. There was a moment where the hunters seemed to say something that stilled the impromptu group of what I assumed were nobles, the commandant, and a small group of local leaders. I moved a little closer but didn’t want to push it as I’m an outsider here. 

“…telling you. The Echidna League won’t allow this and neither would your own Gods. They be Wholders. They’re mostly harmless and even help those in need at times. You canna attack them whilst we’re here.” Said a thin hunter at the front, his two fellows nodding vigorously. 

One of the gleaming nobles sniffed loudly, who does that?, and said, “They’re monsters. Monsters are creatures that’re placed in this world for my edification plebeian. If you don’t want to kill them, go to that peasant village and mind your tongue. You’re lucky we don’t count your fool league as a hindrance to our goals.”

The three hunters acted in concert by pulling out their weapons as they spread out a little around the noble, but the noble’s entourage grabbed their weapons as well and it seemed a standoff was happening.  

“All you fuckin heroes are the same” railed the hunter. “It’s always what’s best for you and not the god damn world. Your choice is for helpin others not just your gods damned selves. Why’d you make that choice eh? Do ya even know the origins of that class? You’re worthless and I’ll have no part in anything you choose to do here”. He finished with a spit on the ground near the nobles feet before grabbing his fellows and walking towards the village. 

“Fucking League scum” the noble said with a scowl. “Always trying to meddle in the affairs of their betters. Come along men, let’s get ready. I bet those Whoulders will push us to greater heights than ever.”

His toadies immediately chorused his words. 

“Here Here!”

“You have the right of it Sir!”

They reminded me a little too much of Tommy and his gang….may they get sypallus and have their dicks rot off. 

I turned away as a voice said quietly in the distance, like a whisper on the wind. “The Golden Shield is different.” But when I turned to see who’d spoken there was only a crowd dispersing back to their positions. Oddly the Commandant, who I assumed was in charge of the defense, had said nothing to the hunters who warned us. 

I moved to the back table with Alard and his daughter who were talking about what they were going to do during the battle. I listened in as he questioned Aliand on how to triage patients.  

About 5 minutes after we’d all repositioned, a single creature exited the forest without a sound being made. She had orange colored skin, long tan hair that flowed down her back, and thick legs barely covered by a lower wreath of leaves. The shocking part, at least for me, was a tail coming out from behind her. It had a light trail of bushy hair that ran from the tip all the way up to the back of her head. She carried a wooden spear in hand as she surveyed the men, and Aliand, positioned against her. 

In a clear voice she asked, “Supplanters, why do you sit on the edge of this forest?”

“You mean the edge of our village!” A guard near the front said before someone could hush him. 

She shook her head slowly from side to side. Her movements seemed unnatural, as if she’d watched an actor do it in a movie and tried to imitate the movement. “Your village is but a few years old favored of gods. We have lived and thrived in this forest for hundreds. We would still choose to spend our time amongst our treasures were it not for those creatures who now dwell just beyond your sight.”

“Ain’t no space for you here!” Screamed a fat man in an expensive vest. He of course was as safe as could be right next to me in the back. 

“No space you say. No space. Can I not at least claim the law of Echidna?” She asked, her voice now a plaintive question. It was odd to see this powerful creature asking for what seemed like mercy. What was her history with humans here? 

The noble from earlier swaggered to the front with his fanclub, a self-righteous grin painted across his face, “The Echidna League has abandoned you monster. Please do come forward. I need to kill a few more of you forest monsters before I can leave this pathetic place.” 

“So be it” She said, before raising her spear high in the air and leaping toward the noble. As she leapt, many others who looked similar but with skin and hair of different colors leaped out of the forest as well, soaring on unseen winds to the frontlines in a surprise attack. Immediately, the leader stabbed the noble through the chainmail and pinned him into the ground with her spear as he let out a wordless shrill that’s more afit to a toddler than a man in chainmail.

“A fuckin Shishkabob”

The crowd let out a scream at the sudden and unexpected violence erupting in front of them. I couldn’t see much, just bodies flying left and right as the Wholders beat their opponents mercilessly. One poor guard went flying over my head, but as he was kicked far enough I had hope that Alard could get to him. 

I grabbed some bandages quickly and ignored a shout from Aliand as I ran into the melee. Dodging past archers who now had no value in a close-quarters fight, I moved through men pushing forward, and finally arrived just a few feet from the obviously deceased noble. His face was trapped in a disbelieving look as if to say, “But I’m a noble”. Commoner was definitely the right choice. 

I looked around quickly, the sounds of metal being punctured, clubs smacking wood, and screams of pain from both sides surrounding me. I found one guard with a deep wound in his lower leg, quickly wrapped my bandage around it tight and tried to drag him away. Nope. Nope nope. Dude weighed like 200 pounds. I ran to the middle and grabbed a fellow who seemed strong enough and pulled him to the guard, asking him to drag him out of the fight while I went to another. Already forgotten about, I moved over to another man and rolled him over only to find a whole where his heart should be. I’m not gonna lie, the sight of a unperfect circle in a mans chest dripping blood onto the ground made me vomit quite loudly. 

“Girls don’t be playin around”

I looked up at the sound of something whistling overhead only to find a Wholder in position with a spear aimed right for my eye. Her eyes flared green as she began to press forward before they fell upon the bandages in my hands. 

“A healer” She said, stepping back and bowing. “I had not known you’d be here. Apologies mender”. Then she leaped away toward another guard. 

“What’s the point of that shit?”. I mean….what the fuck. Not that I’m not happy to be alive, but she’s just going to stab another guy I have to try to help and maybe save. Why leave me alone to help others who arguably may kill her sisters. This was confusing as hell. 

I bandaged a few more men with shaky hands, mostly villagers, before it was over. It was a foregone conclusion that the Wholders would lose. They numbered at maybe fifty whereas those who showed up to fight were in the hundreds. But they’d taken their pound of flesh as Alard pushed the bodies of three dozen men into single files for viewing. I found a series of flashing icons on my MTS. Just before the fight began, and while I’d listened and thought about how Alard assigned triaging, I’d figured out I could hide them by literally thinking hide any notices.

Notices? Notifications? I feel like there’s something there.  

Notice: You’ve discovered the Healer Class

Notice: You’ve discovered the Guardsman Class

Notice: You’ve discovered the Undertaker Class

Notice: You’ve discovered the Correspondent class

I’ll look at that later when there’s less blood, guts, and the odd poopy smell around me. While the villagers had the majority of the blood stains and bandages, the fanclub members were where most of the smells came from. I guess that noble was right to think they needed more battle experience. 

I wandered about for a bit, helping where I could. One fellow had dented armor that was cutting into his skin and had to be quite literally hammered out of it. That looked painful. Alard came over, deep circles under his eyes, as he cast a healing spell on the damaged guard. As soon as the guard said his thanks Alard tried to nod and ended up falling over. His daughter placed his arms on his chest and looked over at me. 

“Don’t worry. He’s just worn himself out. He’ll be fine in a few hours and I’ll keep watch on him. I’m sure you’re starving. Go grab something to eat and we’ll talk later.”

I gave my thanks and realized I was in fact absolutely ravenous. So much had happened that I’d been ignoring my body’s needs. The moment she mentioned food I realized how hungry and especially thirsty I was. I made my way toward the center of town, assuming there’d be some food setup that wouldn’t need money as I still had none. I thought over the battle again and just how quick everything was moving. 

On Earth, each day moved somewhat slowly. You had a routine, a schedule, and you stick to it with vigour because it’s set that way for a reason. But here…shit anything can happen here. I ran from a Blood God toward a Wholder’s spear. I was going to need to learn how to think on my feet better if I wanted to survive. By tomorrow maybe. As I was walking toward the center of Grifftholm, I found two kids yelling at each other as a few others seemed to egg them on. 

“You stop that right now!” Yelled a small nutmeg-haired boy. He couldn’t be older than eight but he sure seemed angry right now. 

“No, it’s not right. It’s not right and it isn’t deserved!” Yelled back a little girl. She seemed to be about his age, I think. Kind of hard to tell at their age group, but she did have a pretty white dress on at the moment. 

“If you don’t stop I’ll make you stop!” The little boy screamed, taking a step towards her. Although my adrenaline was finally gone and my energy was flagging, I still stepped in. I’ve seen enough bullies in my life and I’ll be damned if I started off in a new world and let this keep happening around me. Besides these are just kids who don’t know any better. 

“What seems to be the problem here” I said in my best low-town sheriff impression as I walked between the two. It always worked on the kids at the apartment complex. I even hooked my thumbs in the top of my shitty pants. 

“Stay out of this stranger” yelled the little boy. 

“Now now partner. There’s no need for any violence.”

“Oh please” Said the girl behind me, and before I knew it something punched me and threw me into a nearby berm. I could taste dirt in my mouth and what felt like electricity in the middle of my back. 

“Owww, what the fuck man”. 

I rolled over onto my spasming back and looked at the little girl running away with her friends as the boy shook his fist. He looked at me and walked over. 

“What’d you go and do that for. Epiphany’s a bad person. She deserved my fist on her mouth.” He said, showing me his tiny fingers scrunched up together. 

I finally got control of my back and started breathing normally again. “Whaaat did she do that was so baad.” I said, my words dragging out a little from the strain on my body. 

“She cursed my father” He said with a glower. “Stupid girl is a witch. Got her choice a few days ago and wanted my father to not get his guardsman promotion. Now that he’s getting it, her father can’t and she’s mad. She gave him a sickness that hasn’t gone away. Then you came along when I could’ve got her to stop and messed everything up! What’s wrong with you!”. 

“Jesus kid, I was just trying to help.”

“My names not Jesus. That’s a weird name. It’s Urandi. Urandi Law and don’t expect you’ll forget it mister.”

“Alright, Alright’ I said, hands up in defense. Fuckin 8 year old threw a lightning bolt into my back. Who knew what this kid could do. My MTS was veritably exploding now, and I was a little too tired to get up. I figured, screw it. That little girl became a witch at 8, I was way behind the curve in this world. I finally started to look at what my notifications were saying. 

Notice: You’ve discovered the Hero (Unique) Class

Whaaaatttt. Those guys were pricks, but knowing what they can do may help me deal with them in the future, so I pulled up the detailed description. 

Look at you! You have a great need to be recognized as you help save those in terror. Your egotistical choices have unlocked the potential primary class of Hero! The Hero is a force that few can truly reckon with, as they spread their name and power across the world. Heroes are undoubtedly powerful with as many different roads to take as there are religions in the world. The following are the unique unlocks for the hero class. 

All magical and physical abilities in secondary classes increase at 2.0x the normal rate.

Unlocks minor agility, magical, speed, and strength training

Gain the ability: Entrance

-Entrance: a passive ability that shows itself anytime the hero enters a noteworthy location. This can be a battle, a triumph, or anything the hero perceives as important. Effects differ. 

Gain the ability: Followers

-Followers: a passive ability that allows those the hero perceives as subordinates to gain skills at a heightened rate. Limit of two. 

Gain the ability: Riches

-Riches: An activatable ability, this allows the hero to find currency upon defeating monsters, bandits, and other nerdowells. This ability is based upon the perception of the hero. 

Gain a basic understanding of renown and legend building

Gain a heightened chance of powerful titles

Heroic gods will notice you. 

Note: This is unlocked as you are a ward of The Watcher

“Holy God Damn”

This was way way more powerful than the bard class. Heroes even get an extra ability. The fan club made sense all of a sudden. That’s a powerful drive to protect the guy who’s making you get stronger. 

The more I looked at it, the more it seemed like the hero class was all about reputation. You get followers who will moon over you. Money from killing monsters. Everything is tailored for you to go out and spread your achievements across the world like butter on bread. No wonder nobody likes them, they’re a bunch of primadonnas. I don’t think I’m the hero type. I much prefer to stay in the back and get shit done as necessary. Meh, next. 

Notice: You’ve discovered the Villain (Unique) Class 

“HAHAHAhahahahhohohoho” I laughed to myself a little too loudly before quieting it down. I gotta see this shit. 

Oh no! Oh noooooo! A dastardly villain has appeared….potentially. This is, contrary to many opinions, not an inherently evil class choice as you’ve unlocked it through a simple misunderstanding. All of those who follow the villainous class choice understand that truth and justice are just shiny baubles the ignorant claim as a crutch for their lack of power (Cough still not evil, cough). Villains must choose a country, religion, or hero as their nemesis upon selection of this potential primary class. The following are the unique unlocks for the villain class. 

All magical and mental abilities in secondary classes increase at 2.0x the normal rate.

Unlocks minor mind, magical, and torture training

Gain the ability: Intimidation

-Intimidation: a passive ability that is in constant effect around the villain. Those who come into contact with the villain will instantly feel a sense of dread.  

Gain the ability: Minions

-Minions: a passive ability that allows those the villain perceives as minions to gain skills at a heightened rate. Limit of five. 

Gain the ability: Lair

-Lair: An activatable ability, this allows the villain to designate a single small territory for its own use. Allows for terrain molding and synergism with the environment.  

Gain a basic understanding of regional politics and economy

Gain a heightened chance of powerful monsters willing to serve you

Villainous gods will notice you. 

Note: This is unlocked as you are a ward of The Watcher

Yep. The villain class, like the hero one, is way more powerful than bard as well. Not that bard wouldn’t be powerful at a higher level, it just has a lot less going for it than hero and villain at the start. While the hero class was about reputation and a kind of jack of all trades, the villain class is way more focused. Economics. Politics. Torture? What the hell is mind training? The MTS even introduced it weirdly again. I’ll need to talk to The Watcher about that. 

So full breakdown here. These are both viable options as they seem to be powerful classes in their own right. If I go Hero, I can get a few followers and basically be a non-egotistical good guy who makes money. If I go the Villain route, I can pick a cause (oh like targeting the blood god) and build up a foundation of power. Five minions sounds pretty great, but I don’t like that torture stuff. I wonder what kind of monsters I could get. 

There was one more notification to look at. 

 Notice: You’ve discovered the Vigilante (Unique) Class 

Just as I pulled up the detailed description, the little boy Urandi, who had been kicking dirt and staring at where his nemesis had walked away, came up to me and asked if I was feeling any better. 

“Yes I am”

Congratulations! You’ve selected Vigilante as your primary class. 

“Fuck me”

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