Watch Me Grow


I grew tall from a seed

Stretching forth my skinny hands

I tried to spread my leaves

But life had other plans


I did my best to survive

Sucking in air like its free

I found a path up to the light

That others helped me see


I’ve leaped even taller now, stretching to the sky

Making room for others, as time passes too quickly by

My leaves have grown fruitful, and my roots are deeply low

Even others stand beside me, and remark on how I’ve grown


Now the moment arrives, where I must pass on

I’ve lived for hundreds of lifetimes, but really only one

I’ve tasted the sun, drank the rain, and spread my own seed

But life is all too fleeting with nothing to impede


Received an email from my not so many viewers haha. They asked where I’m coming up with my poetry rhythm. Here’s my goodreads link . Leaving a period space makes it easier to copy/paste. I’ve been reading some poetry, some epic poetry like homer and beowulf, trying to gain a better grip on how poetry works. My poetry rhythm is just whatever feels right at the moment. Sometimes I go for aesthetics like the flip of a coin, or I go for syllabic matching or even meter. I’m working on one right now that focuses on alliteration. Just reading poetry helps you write poetry, just like reading fiction helps you write fiction. The point is to write. Whatever it may come out as.


I’ll be gone for a few days,

I’m currently reading Stephen King’s In Writing, should have that done in a day or two. I’m playing some video games in my off time, primarily Black Ops 4 and Civ VI when I get the itch. I hope anyone who reads this has a wonderful holiday and enjoys their time with the family.

The Lifeline

Endless oceans of pulsing beats bash against a wretched form

Break not this body won’t, faintly standing as darkness envelops

Thoughts refuse to coalesce; this shelled man lies trapped and lost

A golden glow flashes in the far, a torchbearer clothed in a shroud

Hi and wait, who arrives upon my broken shore

You’re not one I know, delving up the unfamiliar

Mask slides and images resound, colors sing and shapes bound

Memory serves and falls into place as golden glow shines upon a face

It’s the watcher in the dark, the listener of the soul

Her touch makes him weak, her touch frees it’s hold

Deep chains fall by the side, no more upon this rocky land must he wait

This vacuity can be filled, this man will not break

For she takes his hand upon her breast and with a thoughtless smile, drives away the causeless and makes him worthwhile

She is the necessary and the wanted, his watcher in the dark

Without intent, she enraptures his heart, a mirror to his soul

Without her, his life, is surely damned

For what is life without someone holding your hand

Equal Credit

Now I knew John, who was a man, when being a man was tough

He married well, lived even better, and had his fill from the trough

John was strong, strong as a man, but never where it counted

He cheated well, cheated often, and never chose to flaunt it.


He knew not what, it was he did, to that poor wife who flew

She laughed and cried, screamed aloud, and all but blew the roof

She slapped and slid, hollered and bawled, when she found out the truth

But she knew John, from the start, and plainly thought it through


Now John’s in courts, crying aloud, wishing he’d done better

The judge said no, you know what you do, so sign here with your letter

Johns now broke, nothing to his name, the siren took it all

Now she laughs and sighs, all the time, while enjoying poor John’s fall

Been Gone Awhile

Hello to whoever reads this blog,


I’ve been missing for some time due to family and school as well as a bit of writer burnout. I’ve spent my year studying poetry, the short story, as well as the proper use of grammar and punctuation. I hope the effort show’s in my work. As such and due to my time missing, I’ve composed a set of poetry I’ll release over time. Please feel free to comment and editorialize.


5 Minutes for a Day

By J.D. Mullenary I


Flick and switch, Happy abodes

Caverns coursing in liquid gold

Stern and mad, the looks dial in

They judge and can’t share my sin

My choice, their choice, don’t stay around

The Pariah’s life keeps ticking down

It soothes, it kills, lungs filling up

All this joy from a couple bucks

Crave sings and joy abounds

Pleasure battles the liquid sounds

Ecstasy sets me free

Oh doc, what do you say to me

Patch it, chew it, nothing works

Few people survive this curse

Money cries and fades away

Addiction scratches another day

Brandly genetic they all say

The clouds create a nice bouquet

The sun drives my worries away

My shame and guilt are here to stay